Raúl García: "The team has the ambition to win in Seville"

"We all want to enter Europe, if we are well, we will choose the seventh place", Iñigo Martínez sent to a meeting in which he can aspire to be sixth and also eighth or get out.

Iñigo Martínez, who returned to the team after purging a muscle injury in Valladolid, slid his impressions after the victory against Celta in San Mamés: "We all want to enter Europe, but it will be very complicated because Sevilla is a team of great players , although we are fine, we will choose seventh place ".

The team knew how to discern the sports field on sentimental: " We are professionals in this and the farewells have had nothing to do, the team has been firm, has wanted to win , the attitude of all the players has been seen, a round day in this sense ". On the other hand, he wanted to point out, he felt "sadness and sadness in the sense that three important players are leaving." Aduriz every time he goes out he demonstrates what it's worth ".

Raúl García launched on his part that" we knew about the necessity of Celta and If we went ahead it was difficult to turn around ". He feels fit:" I'm happy, I finished very well. In January I had an injury that I had to stop and it was good for me to finish even stronger. On the one hand I'm sorry it's over because I'm finding myself very well and contributing a lot to the team. "In Seville, he said" we would all have to depend on us. Take sixth, seventh or eighth will depend on what we do and the team has enough ambition to go to win ", ditch the brave navarro midfielder.

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