Problems for Movistar: hard fall of Sutterlin and Carretero

Both fell in the favorable stretch of the last port of the day. The Spaniard was able to get up and continue, but not the German.

Contratiempos for the Movistar set in the second stage of the Giro d'Italia. About 30 kilometers from the finish line, in a short break from the 4th category port through which the peloton passed, there was an fall in the head of the large group that affected the two runners of the telephone set: Jasha Sutterlin and Héctor Carretero.

Según published the Movistar Team on your Twitter account, the Spanish rose quickly and could resume the march, but his partner did not suffer the same fate at first. The images on television they showed a terribly sore Sutterlin, lying on the asphalt. He had even removed his helmet while being assisted by a team assistant. Finally, the telephone team confirmed that the German continued in the race despite the pain.

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