Pozas de agua fría, antidote to the 60 matches in Montecastillo

The Valencia will concentrate from Thursday, in Jerez de la Frontera, and will not leave until Saturday, when he will move to Benito Villamarín to face Barça.

EI Valencia will work tomorrow Wednesday for the last time in Paterna before traveling on Thursday to Jerez de la Frontera, where he will hold the last two sessions before the end of next Saturday, at Benito Villamarín. The expedition will land at noon on Thursday in Jerez and will be installed at the Barceló Montecastillo hotel, an area far from the city center, where they will enjoy everything necessary to prepare the final without having to tread on Seville. The two trainings and the official press conferences will be at the hotel. And also the extra sessions of gym, spa, swimming pool ... And above all, recovery after a season in which ya already accumulate 60 games: some pools of ice water that have just settled in the locker room and will premiere the valencianistas tomorrow .

The hotel has reserved the two noble floors exclusively for the expedition. The players will only cross paths with the other clients of the hotel in the common areas. But the rest area will be exclusively for them. However, Other of the main reasons why Valencia has chosen this location is because of the excellent condition of the turf (Ray grass) of the three football fields of 65x108 meters and one of rugby that the hotel has in its premises. "Our greenkeeper has the grass in a spectacular state. Valencia will find a grass similar to that of Villamarín, "says Marcos López, deputy director of the hotel. Not in vain, on the official website of the hotel announces that the care of the grass of the football fields is " asesorado by Manchester United and the English Federation" .

No However, the Valencia is going to shot done. Montecastillo is a hotel complex in which, during the last 20 years, have hosted teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United or Borussia Dortmund, among many others. It has also been the headquarters of the Spanish Selection during the pre-match matches played in Sevilla.

The locker rooms will be released

The Valencia, in addition, will be testing the locker rooms of the Montecastillo22222 hotel grounds. Inside, ice-cold pools have been installed for cryogenic treatments, so that players recover better after preparatory sessions.

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