Pirelli already thinks about 18 inches

The F2 will premiere in 2020 and Mario Isola, Pirelli, explains to this means his plans to start the tests with the teams in the second half of 2019.

Stefano Domenicalli, president of the FIA single-seater commission, announced this Saturday in Barcelona that Formula 2 will use 18-inch wheels next year, instead of the current 13, to facilitate the passage of Pirelli to those tires in the season 2021 in Formula 1. It is a measure that brings competition to the demands of street cars and, as confirmed by the Mario Isola, Pirelli, to As, they hope to start testing in the second part of the year with the tests of the teams.

"In the first half of the season we are going to develop the 13-inch wheels, but we want to move to the 18-inch wheels in the second part We have a big challenge ahead for 2021 and we want to do those test with a lot of time, "says the Italian in conversation with this newspaper, also satisfied with the decision of the FIA to introduce these tires in the F2 one year earlier than expected.

3333 333According to the tire manufacturer's plans for these tires: "In this first part of our test campaign there are ideas and concepts that we have been working on for a year and have not yet been introduced. Fundamentally, to better manage the high temperatures in the tires. We want to reduce overheating, which is what a driver can complain about, they want to demand the tire without losing benefits. That the grip is maintained when the temperature increases by a slip, or lack of aerodynamic load. "

The Italian, in addition, is more than satisfied with the behavior of the tires in the first four races: " Last year there were races with 'blistering' so for this year we changed the compound to eliminate it. Having seen the tests and the first races, we have reached that goal. When you work in that direction you risk increasing the graining, which is the opposite effect, although in China we have not seen it. In overheating I think the compound goes well. "And the range of hard, medium and soft, eliminating the super, ultra or hyper has also convinced:" We came to the conclusion that it was best to use three colors, and if you see the race on television, when a car carries the target you will know that it has the hard one ".

Photos from as.com
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