Pau Gasol confirms that he is not going to the China World Cup 2019

The Spanish player confirmed what As advanced and will not be at the World Cup in China: "I will be supporting the team and wishing you a great championship."

The Spanish player of the Milwaukee Bucks Pau Gasol has confirmed this Wednesday what already advanced As in exclusiva. Due to the foot injury and the operation on May 10, the international will not be able to be in the China World Cup this summer, but he has made clear his commitment to the national team and his desire to be in Tokyo 2020 as he has gone through the operating room "precisely to continue playing at the highest level."

"Due to the operation and the injury, I will not be able to be in this World Cup in China. Still, I will be supporting the team and looking forward to a great championship" , Gasol said in statements provided by its communication department.

The Catalan made it clear that it will be a "difficult" summer for him. " I would have liked to be with my team, with my teammates, for me, the team has always been very important and I am very proud of competing with it and striving to achieve success internationally", he recalled.

"I will always be close to They are a family and it is not just a 'hashtag' or a slogan, but it is the spirit of our team, of our selection ", the veteran pivot said in this sense. In fact, this impediment does not make you think about leaving the national team and already think about the next appointment, the Olympic Games in Tokyo in summer 2020. "Hopefully we qualify for the Games and next year can be with the team" , auguró.

Pau Gasol was submitted on May 10 to surgery to repair a stress fracture in the navicular bone of his left foot. An injury that has prevented him from finishing the season and that, at almost 39, has led to rumors about a withdrawal that has been ruled out. "This operation is precisely to continue playing basketball at the highest level, I hope that the next season is full of health, that can compete and help the team wherever it is," said Sant Boi.

The player of the Bucks He sees "normal" that there are "certain speculations" about it because of his age. "Many at my age are already retired, but there are also cases of players like Vince Carter or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who have played until older ages . It is a possibility that I will continue to fight, I love what I do, I love to continue playing ", he confessed.

" I've already passed the worst "

The professional wants to go now step by step and focus on recovery. " I am in a phase of no support, to let the operation take effect and follow the recovery protocol. I am calm, I have already spent the worst with the post operative, and now I am looking forward, wanting to start in the gym to do some mobility and get to work to get closer to the moment of returning to the tracks, "he acknowledged.

Eso yes, he regrets not being able to be with his new teammates in the Bucks in the Eastern Conference final against the Toronto Raptors of his brother Marc Gasol, who is tied (2-2). " It is clear that I would have liked to face Marc and the Raptors but, for circumstances that are out of my control, it could not be ", lamented.

"As a competitor that I am, is clear that I would like to be playing with my comrades and participate in this important moment of the season, "added the Catalan, who remains" very involved "with his new team, trying to contribute his" experience and leadership ". "I try to contribute as much as I can from my position, I can not think of anything else and I want my teammates to play at a great level to win and get closer to the ring," he said.

4 Garbajosa supports his player

For his part, the President of The Royal Spanish Basketball Federation wanted to send a message of support to the Spanish international. "As he himself has said, the family is not just a hashtag or a slogan, it is the spirit of our Selection A throughout the season, we have been talking to Pau Gasol and he knows that he has the full support of the FEB We have made it known that the Federation is at your entire disposal and that of your family. We wish you all the best in this process so that you recover quickly and fully and be in a position to achieve your objectives ", underlines Jorge Garbajosa.

El Former player, who shared a team with Pau, also indicated that it would be the first international commitment that would not count either with the power forward or with Navarro in a long time and wished that the international was with them at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

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