Parejo: "The first objective of Valencia is fulfilled and now we have another final"

The players of Valencia celebrate their classification for the Champions League. Captain Dani Parejo remembers the difficult moments experienced during the campaign.

Dani Parejo, captain of Valencia, pointed to the conclusion of the game in the microphones of Movistar Partidazo that "it has been a tough year, many games and a lot of demand ... the first goal fulfilled and now there is another final" . The captain recognized "We did not start in the best way the season, but with sacrifice, work and camaraderie we knew how to turn it around" .

"We played outside the home and although it was up to us it is difficult to hold emotions, I think we played well and Valladolid They threw two shots at the post, but we took advantage of our moments, "added Parejo.

Paulista:" I want to get into the history of the club with the Cup "

Balance:" It was a difficult year but we still lack the Cup. to celebrate a difficult year today, many people did not believe in us, it's a huge joy, we have to celebrate, it's been a difficult season but in the end we I hated celebrating the Champions ".

60 parties:" Those are many but we are well physically. We prepare for that. It was a very difficult start to the season where people did not believe. The climate of friendship and family was. We were together with the mister, who said they had to leave Valencia. We got out of there, we reached the semifinals of Europe, to the Cup final ... ".

The president was pressed in the locker room ...: " We have to press the president (laughs). Let's see if he releases something. Tonight we have to celebrate with friends and family because it was a very difficult season. "

Final Cup: " I want to congratulate all the workers of the club, they suffer with us and the people who are out there do not know We have the opportunity to give a cup to the people, it's a great effort, we have to do the impossible, I want to go into the history of the club with that Cup. "

Kondogbia:" It's a privilege that the crowd sings your name "

Animo: "We are happy because we have achieved this goal, the season was difficult because we fought and we have achieved it, we are happy, I believe that during the whole season we have believed in ourselves and we have always had confidence to climb the classification. be proud. "

Copa Final: " It's the second year that we finished fourth and we have to be happy and think about the final. We play against the league champion but it's a final. We will prepare her to try to win her ".

Less:" It has been a little difficult not being able to help during my injury. I had to work to get back because football is my life. It is a privilege that the stands sing your name. Give thanks and keep supporting the team. "

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