Paolo Simoncelli: "It's a miracle to win here, where Marco won"

"I'm excited, because Marco's first victory was in Jerez. And now we win for the first time right here, "he says happily.

Paolo Simoncelli is better known as the father of the missed Marco Simoncelli who as the owner of the squad SIC58 Squadra Corse, the same one that gave him his first World Cup victory as skipper, thanks to Antonelli, and finished off with the Suzuki second, which sign the doublet. And all on the stage where SuperSic premiered his winning box 15 years ago ...

-What can you say and what do you feel at that moment?

-I'm excited, because Marco's first victory was here, in Jerez, with the Caponera team and with Jenkner doing second. And now we win for the first time right here and doing first and second. It's a crazy thing. This is a miracle. (He laughs while his eyes get wet) .

-Just after the race, he asked for a moment of calm and went from the wall to the box to kiss Marco's bike ...

-It's the least I could do.

-What do you think Marco would say now if they could talk?

-I would say to him that he broke my balls because he would have to be here. (Laughter) .

-I know that it's very hard on a sentimental level for you to be in the World Cup.

-This is a difficult world, but there are many people who love us and dedicate it to all the people who love us.

-Did you expect such a result? We knew what could happen. Suzuki has taken an incredible leap, exaggerated. Antonelli is calmer, but he has the quality.

-What have you told the pilots at the podium?

-I could only congratulate you.

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