One mile running in suit to sign André Gomes and Mina

David Harrison, Everton's chief operating officer, tells Liverpool Echo how he found himself running at 25 degrees in search of a lawyer who was "delaying" the process.

Your name is David Harrison. He is the director of operations of Everton and saw this summer running a mile in suit through Barcelona at 25 degrees of temperature to find a lawyer who was "delaying the process" of buying Yerry Mina and cession of André Gomes. He tells it himself Monday in the Football Echo, local sports supplement Liverpool Echo.

David Harrison was one of the Everton executives who traveled this summer to Barcelona to close the signings of Yerry Mina and André Gomes. Before the Digne had been made. The incorporation of Mina had been negotiating all summer but that of André Gomes, as he confesses himself, emerged at the last minute.

"The easiest way to resolve the signings was to go to Spain. Attentive and gave us access to the hospitals he uses We had a long night the previous day of negotiations to reach an agreement The very day of the market close began soon with recognitions, meetings and paperwork to be fixed. that I had to run a mile in a 25-degree suit to see a lawyer (he does not specify it) that was delaying the process, it was frantic, but it was worth it. " The Everton, by the way, has tried to stay André Gomes in property this season and the Barça pretends to give exit him. However, I could use it in other operations.

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