Olocip finds the possible replacements of Godín in the Atleti

According to the company of research and application of Artificial Intelligence in sport, the ideal substitutes would be Maripán, Cabrera, Tarkowski, Albiol and Chiellini.

The company Olocip, a pioneer in the research and application of Artificial Intelligence in sport, detected in the radio program Tiempo de Juego who would be the central defenders of the big leagues that according to their statistics would be closer to cover the absence of Godín in Atletico next season.

Según explained in the Cope chain Mario Garrido and Asier Rodriguez "in our similarity we look for a player similar to Godín in a prediction of the future, who would approach the Uruguayan season next year. In LaLiga, the most similar would be Maripán and Cabrera. In England it would be Tarkowski, who plays in Burnley and has interested Liverpool and Manchester City. In Italy they would be Albiol and Chiellini. We place the databases in a destination or and with respect to a specific player. It is a prediction with these variables depending on that player you return what would be the most similar in this case to Godín next season ".

Godín has played 38 matches this course and has scored four goals. Again it has been a basic piece in LaLiga's less-beaten defense and farewell with 33 years after nine rojiblanco seasons The two options offered by Olocip of the Spanish competition would apparently be the most economical and with the greatest future projection Maripán, 25, has left a great The injuries have prevented him from going past the 25 games he has scored twice in.

Leandro Cabrera has already shared a dressing room with Godín when he was part of the Atlético squad. Getafe at 27 years and was a rojiblanco player for several years, doing multiple preseason but only playing in the 2009/10 season, the Serie A options are not viable due to their age and the difficulty of negotiating with Napoli and Juventus. Albiol is 33 years old and Chiellini is 34., so they are not considered options considering that none are younger than Godín himself. On the other hand Tarkowski, of 26 years, has become a habitual in the last lists of the English selection and probably will leave the Burnley in next summer. In Transfermarkt they place a value of 15 million.

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