Nishimura, out of control when yielding 4:36 in ... 8 kilometers!

The Japanese, who made his debut in a great round at 24 years, exceeded the time limit set to finish the time trial in more than half a minute.

It is not usual to see a professional runner get out of control in a stage, although sometimes it happens. But more unusual, not to say unimaginable, is to see a runaway ride on a journey of only eight kilometers.

Incredible but true. It happened in the first stage of the 102nd edition of the Giro d'Italia. An individual 8.2-km time trial with a hard final climb, with an average slope of over 9%. With the legs of all the protagonists still fresh, there was nothing to presage that the Japanese Hiroki Nishimura yielded a total of 4:36 in meta with respect to the winner of the stage and first leader, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic.

This loss of time meant that the Japanese will arrive out of control, which was marked in 4 minutes for this first day. At 24 years old, Nishimura will not keep a good memory of his debut in a great lap. In this way, the Giro d'Italia already loses a runner at the first change, something rarely seen except for falls in the initial time trial. Nishimura must continue paddling.

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