Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol, from dream to nightmare in the Bucks

The two Spaniards were left out of the NBA Finals: one ended without the coach's confidence and the other could not play due to injury.

The Bucks will not be in the NBA Finals 2019. The Wisconsin franchise was eliminated by Toronto Raptors in the finals of the ConferenceE, which trailed an unfavorable 0-2, and did not assert its status as the best team in the regular phase of the NBA in the decisive part of this season 2018 / 19.

Outside of the great dance have remained two of the four Spanish 1122111 who chose to participate in it just a few days ago: Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol should see the Raptors-Warriors from home.

For Mirotic and Gasol the situation has become something they did not expect. Both reached the middle of the season, one in February in the transfer market and another in March after leaving their existing contract, and the hopes of reaching the Ring were finally transmuted into a disappointment.

Nikola Mirotic

Your transfer led to a new level. He started the campaign at a very high level in the Pelicans, but it only lasted a month. Then he entered a phase of ups and downs that made a change convenient. And I went from fighting for nothing, because the Pels had already left everything aside with the situation of Anthony Davis in between, to go for the championship with the favorite team - by number of victories, not sensations - of the entire League . The Montenegrin contributed fight for the offensive rebound, high post play and many throws on the outside, which is what Budenholzer is asking. He got injured, but he got ready for the first heat. The problem you have had is trustworthy, yours and the coach's. In the series against the Raptors saw the seams and that led the coach to stop counting on him at the decisive moments: to average 22 minutes to play nine in the fifth game and nothing in the sixth and last.

Now it is time to reflect. Mirotic will be released in July and, despite some rumors about returning to Europe, is a specialist who has followers and could reach a contract of more than ten million per year with ease in many teams.

Pau Gasol

The veteran player from Barcelona, legend national and also the NBA, has been in a really difficult situation, not expected and that puts you in a difficult position for the future. He wanted to fight for the Ring because in the Spurs he was not counting for Popovich, his worth as a professional left him the team's exit and he hunted down an offer to do what he wanted. In the Bucks I was not going to play much, I had it clear; the high rhythm with which they play, the elimination of the pivotal position in which he stands out or his diminishing contribution in defense made him a weaker link than others Budenholzer has in Milwaukee (Lopez or Wilson). But poor Pau has a heavier cross on him: the injuries. A problem in the ankle made him lose a good part of the postseason, but it was a stress fracture that does not bother him the one that ended his stage and also with the options of going to the World Cup. In the Bucks he has only played three games and has scored four points.

Summer is complicated for Pau Gasol. When the market opens he will turn 39, he looks for at least one more in the NBA to reach the Tokyo Games. His role is already clear, for him and for the one who loves him. You just need to know if you can continue.

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