Neymar has the last word of his signing for Real Madrid

The name of the Brazilian continues flying over the Bernabéu although it is an impossible dream. At least, until the player himself takes the first step.

The season is not over yet and the objectives that Real Madrid will focus on are already clear: Jovic for the front, Hazard in the playmaker, Pogba and Eriksen for the midfield and the signing Militao for the defense. But Neymar is still flying inevitably the environment. He is the player with the most media attraction and Florentino knows it. As he also knows that he does not want to be indisposed with the PSG leaders. It is a dream, for now, unrealizable. But everything could change. And it depends on the player ...

A nobody has missed that a few weeks ago he visited Madrid Wagner Ribeiro, the representative of Neymar that was about to bring him to Madrid and that ultimately led him to Barcelona. It is an important part of the Clan Neymar and has a very good relationship with Florentino Pérez. The president of Madrid and only question sideways how is the situation of the Brazilian because he knows that until he has not decided not leave the PSG.

"Neymar is swimming in gold in PSG", points to As a very close source to Neymar. "He is fine in Paris, he is a great city, and happy with his companions". And finally it concludes: "Neymar's dream for Madrid will not be possible until Neymar takes the step and tells Nasser Al Khelaifi that he wants to go" .

At the moment, Neymar has a contract with PSG until 2022. What he has transcended is that it charges 36 million euros, but there are sources that point out that what he and the father are receiving could be even greater amounts.The last campaign, after the tie between Madrid and PSG in which Neymar was injured, Nasser Al Khelaifi traveled to Rio, where Neymar has set his residence, to boost his foundation financially, and, in passing, renewed him until he became the second highest paid player on the planet after Messi (50 net) . Madrid has it Of course, and the people who surround the player also, Neymar has the last word in his signing for Madrid, "It will be done when he wants", they say. And for now, PSG has you very much attached.

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