Navarro feels the pressure, but leads against Schrotter and Marquez

Although the temperature in the afternoon was good, the gusts of wind prevented the pilots from improving the morning records in Jerez.

The final pressure was on Spaniard Jorge Navarro (Speed Up) when he was fighting for the first position in the second free practice session for the Spanish Moto2 Grand Prix that was held at the "Angel Nieto" circuit in Jerez de la Frontera , and had to surrender to the superiority of the German Marcel Schrotter (Kalex) and the Spanish Alex Márquez (Estreñlla Galicia 0'0 Kalex) .

Also, the fastest of the category the first day was him, with a time of 1 : 41.819, seduced by the South African Brad Binder (KTM) and also the Spanish Jorge Martín (KTM), since no pilot was able to lower the morning records in the second session, disputed with very high temperatures but also with intense gusts of wind.

Perhaps one of the last technical changes that has taken place in the category, on the part of the unique supplier of tires, since 2010 the British manufacturer Dunlop, have its aliquot part of importance since from the Jerez de la Frontera race all the pilots have a new measure of rear tire, now 200 instead of 195, or what is the same more "ball" in the rear wheel of the bikes, which a priori should provide more grip and traction.

The second session began with the Italian Tetsuta Nahasgima (Kalex), although his hegemony lasted relatively little when the usual table was put in front of the table of the category, with the exception of the leader of the same, the Italian Lorenzo Baldasarri (Kalex), who passed an authentic Calvary on this first day.

'Balda 'had technical problems in the morning with the electronics of his motorcycle, which they were unable to achieve the maximum power of the motorcycle and perhaps the result of that nervousness ended up making an error that made him roll on the floor, but in the afternoon it was not much better since incap az to approach his morning records, the leader of the World Cup tried to try to correct the situation but a mistake at the end of a lap made him fall again.

The Italian pilot looked at the computer on board his motorcycle to check the time he had made and that dismissal made him go "very long" in the line of a curve to star in his second fall of the day.

A six minutes after the end of the second session the German Marcel Schrotter was leader, ahead of the also Spaniards Augusto Fernandez, which deserves a separate chapter, and Navarro, that in the next round became leader with 1: 42.259.

The German returned it almost immediately when shooting in 1: 42.233 and that was when Jorge Navarro tried to recover his position of privilege and ended up on the floor in turn eleven, without physical damage, but no longer with the option to beat his rival.

From behind came Ale x Márquez with the intention of overcoming his rival and although he scored a final bout of vertigo, in the previous was not fast enough to unseat Schrotter by just eleven thousandths of a second, although both had beaten in the morning Jorge Navarro.

Actually, among the top drivers of the classification only the German Marcel Schortter had shown signs of improving in the afternoon, as well as the British Sam Lowes (Kalex), who was one of the few along with the Teuton, that he did.

Augusto Fernández (Kalex), who reappeared after his serious fall from Argentina, in which he fractured ulna and radius of his left arm, surrendered to a very good level in his reappearance and therefore ended in a meritorious seventh place, just after the wake of Alex Márquez in the global calculation of the day.

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