Nadal, on Madrid: "You have to look for other solutions"

As a Real Madridista, the Spaniard has confessed his discomfort for the season of his team: "I suffered because it was a bad season."

Rafa Nadal has never hidden his status as a Real Madrid supporter and usually comments on the club's current situation when asked. As a Real Madridista, this season has gone badly with the football team becoming. "I have suffered because it has been a bad season, we have to look for solutions, but Madrid is a very complicated club due to the exigency and the little patience that the fans and the institution have, due to the successes of the past", commented The Balearic in the interview with As.

"This year there were three coaches, Lopetegui, Solari and Zidane, maybe it was not the problem. It is not easy to find the necessary patience. Things have gone wrong and you have to look for solutions to remedy things that have not gone well. " Nadal is convinced that the situation will be reversed: "Surely the technical team, the president and the board will know how to turn it around, it's a human mistake and I think maybe Madrid has made a mistake this year, after winning four European Cups in five years, it is logical that a campaign comes a bit of a downturn ".

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