Murray doubts about playing the Wimbledon individual draw

The Scot is already training on grass in the modality of couples although he is cautious about whether he can play the American major in the individual category.

The Scottish tennis player Andy Murray acknowledges that "not enough time has passed" since the hip was operated in order to play in individual and noted that "there are very few options" that he can do in that modality in the grass tour and in Wimbledon .

The exnúmero one of the world has already begun to train and hopes to be competitive again in the mode of doubles, in which he will play in Wimbledon, although he has also received an invitation to do it in Queen's singles, something he sees complicated.

"Not enough time has passed, I would say there are very few options for me to play singles during the grass season. Potentially doubles, but I'm not trying to be ready for singles, I've just started moving now," Murray said. interview to 'The Times'.

The one from Dunblane, who has not played since his elimination in the first of the Australian Open against the Spanish Roberto Bautista, , said that after going through the operating room he does not have "pain" in the hip. "I just need to know how good really is," he said.

"I know to see Bob Bryan that to play doubles will be absolutely fine and he will need to see from there as it would be in singles" , he warned in relation to the American doubles player, who was advised to operate after going through a similar situation.

For it, If Murray continues with the good feelings after this test, it will give "the opportunity to play in singles and see what happens" . "In doubles, I'm I'm pretty sure I can play, just based on having an example to look at, "he admitted.

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