"It's much more fun when you compete against another team"

Hamilton and Bottas escape in the classification, a situation that is not ideal for the five-time British champion: "But it's not our fault."

Mercedes has added all the possible points (except for three fast laps), Hamilton and Bottas leave alone to fight for the World Cup and the perception is that the paddock regrets the lost chance of seeing Ferrari back in those positions, less fighting for victories. Another silver-stained season is coming, perhaps from beginning to end, like those starring Hamilton and Rosberg at the beginning of the hybrid era. And this is not the ideal situation for Lewis himself: "It's much more fun when you compete against another team, that's what F1 consists of: two drivers per car, with strengths and weaknesses, when that's not there it's less exciting, the competition In a team it is not as it should be, but this is not our fault. "

The W10 made in Brackley" is fantastic, the best that has been done here so far, "says the five-time champion, and engineers still talk about areas "Where you can improve in the future." Perhaps the only point that favors Ferrari is its power, something that in other times was decisive in the championship. "Also Red Bull with its new engine is closer and the Ferrari is very fast on the straight, although they are losing in areas that I do not know exactly what they are . But the driver who is closest to you is always your biggest threat", In this case, that rival is his partner, Valtteri Bottas, who has started the year at a great level (two victories, three poles): "He is running better than ever. And I think it's good for the team. "

In any case, a Hamilton-Bottas battle is coming, which is not what the fans expected:" Maybe the people who watch the races are not happy with the advantage we have over the Ferrari We want to go as fast as possible, we do not know why others have fallen down. Although in the end our weekend does not change, we work to make a race without mistakes. Valtteri is back to his best level so I have to keep trying as if there was a Ferrari behind ".

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