Moya: "I have no intention of leaving and nobody has told me anything

"My experience tells me that having a contract and having no news, neither my representative nor I on the part of the club that I have to look for equipment ... makes me calm".

No rodeos. No taboos. Very clearly How he likes to talk to him. So there is no doubt left. This is how goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Moyá explains his future plans for Real Sociedad, committed to the possible arrival of Álex Remiro next season. -How is this second part of the season in which he has lost prominence again? -I'm fine, I'm good. Logically, we all have the urge to want to play. But within my situation the last months without playing, I try to take the best I can, trying to add to the group, help my team mate, Gero .... I'm not going to fool you that there have been times when I'm angry and that's normal. But people who know me know that I continue to give everything and thinking that something can always happen, and as a professional I am always ready to play. -Do you expect to have any chance in the remaining matches to finish LaLiga? -Yes, that I hope you can have a match. But I'm not going to cheat you, I understand that this is professional football and if the coach decides to put the other goalkeeper, I have to comply and be prepared if something happens. It is not something that surprises me or hurts me. Of course you feel sorry, but being mentally strong is how you get along better. -Speaking of professional soccer, you came to Real one year ago with the idea of playing, and now you do not, does that lead you to rethink your future? -To see, first, I did not come thinking that I was going Real and I was going to play everything, as if it were indisputable. But he was convinced that he is more likely to have more opportunities to play here than at Atlético, and that is the way it has been. Looking ahead I still have the ambition to play as a starter many games. And now there is a lot of rumor about the signing of Alex Remiro is closed, I do not know if it is official or not, but it seems that yes, or at least that is what comes to us. And then Gero and I have a contract. I never intend to leave, that's the truth, I feel wanted here in the Real, I play an important role in the squad despite playing less now, and I have no idea to leave, because I like the club and the city. I am 35 years old and my thinking is different from that of a 22 year old boy, I have stability in my family, and we are delighted in the city. You can never say anything, because you do not know what will happen. But I can assure you what my intention is, to continue in the Real. -Do you feel that the arrival of Remiro can harm you when it comes to continue in the Real? -Well, more than harm ... I see I have a contract in force and I know how this works. It is difficult that they can make you change your mind, although you can reach an agreement ... My experience tells me that in the absence of 20 days to the end of the league, having a contract and having no news or my agent or me of the club that maybe next year I have to find equipment ... makes me calm. Now, the fact that Remiro arrives makes us three goalkeepers of the first team, although we would not be the first first team with three goalkeepers. Then we would have to wait, nothing more. You have to be very prudent and calm, and in my case I have a clear conscience that when I played, I have performed very well; and when I have not played, I have always been supporting the team. So I do not feel that this is going to hurt me. -So no one in the club has told him that Remiro is coming and that's why equipment must be sought ... -Not right now. But we still have this interview, in the club they read the answers and they say that it is the same time to say something to Moyá (laughs). But being told something does not mean it's going to happen. Because I have a contract, and if I have it, it is to fulfill it. I am calm inside what fits and talking is always understood by people. But I really do not have any intention of leaving the Real. -Did not even in this time without playing the idea of leaving the Real have crossed his mind? -If I am frank, what did you think about it? You are right. What was internally transcendent to me? I can assure you that no. Of course I've thought sometimes that the club does not want to count on me, and I'm not going to tell you now that I would not hear anything, but since they have not said anything to me, I do not think about it anymore. I think I have more than enough to be in a club like Real, because my presence makes Rulli good. -In the locker room do you feel that there is going to be a revolution? -To see, what is in the dressing room is a lot of pity for the players who do not follow, because football leaves many friendships. What can happen, more than knowing, you hear and it is rumored that there will be changes. With the people of the club with whom I have spoken, it seems to me coherent people, that if they do something it is because they already have a plan B. I am sure that all this very thought, andthe club is prepared in case there have to be 10 changes, as has been rumored. -From sports, do we still believe in Europe? -We know that it is very difficult. But as long as there is life, there is hope. And that's what Imanol is responsible for, keeping us plugged in and in tension. We are not in anyone's land, we must fight. It is a small light at the end of the tunnel. -In the absence of these two games to the end, I can tell you that for me the season has been frustrating, do you agree with that qualification? -Frustrant, but not that far from it either. Frustrating I understand what you think because people see that the template is level and is not higher. I've always said to the face uncovered: the Real must be forced between the first eight of the league. That's why it gave me a bit of anger not to have executed that possibility to fight for something that this template deserves. What I ask is that if we are not above, it is because this same platform was not as prepared to fight for those noble positions. Because it is difficult. -Imanol Alguacil has a contract with the Real, but it is rumored with his future, is it the right one to direct the txuri-urdin ship next season? -Nothing to answer, because when I commented it with people from the club a lot of weight, I told him what he thought. He is not the only sole trainer, but it is better to lead this transition in which the club is with very young people from the quarry. And I believe that Imanol for his values, his feeling for the Real, his proposal as coach and his way of being being very clear always, I think he is an outstanding coach for the Real

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