MotoGP and a new future in 2022: 22 races and 24 riders

More evidence, the exclusion of new manufacturers and the aerodynamic limits would be the basis of the Dorna project according to 'Speedweek'.

According to reports 'Speedweek', MotoGP plans to take a change of course from 2022 in which the European continent could share prominence with new territories. Dorna has begun to study the new route plan he wants for the future of the World Cup and he talks about a maximum number of races per season that, although it may not be achieved, the organization intends that of the 20 agreed so far reach 22 great prizes per season. And this is where new scenarios far from Europe come into play despite the agreement that Finland has already established with the championship.

In addition to introducing Kymiring's appointment on the calendar, in the pools Brazil, Mexico or Indonesia also sound for the future of MotoGP, this last scenario already has an agreement with Dorna to host an appointment from 2021. The fact that Europe has ceased to be the main market for manufacturers has been a factor of weight which has led the organization to think of an intercontinental expansion, which aims to have as a result the attraction of more public in territories that They have left in sight as the influx in brand events is massive. But not all are advantages.

El championship could and should benefit at least economically, however, the monetary ballast would pay the more 'humble' teams of the World. The costs that would involve these trips could make, especially in Moto2 and Moto3, some teams started a war with the organization since they could not cover that increase. In addition, beyond the economic, the pilots and injuries could come hand in hand since, the fact of reducing the dates of the winter tests would not be the best remedy to maintain and ensure an exceptional physical condition.

Since this would follow being a perfect strategy for Dorna in which would remain, within the queen class, the six manufacturers who currently play in the category: Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, and Aprilia. Eso yes, increasing the number of participants up to 24. To reach the figure the solution is simple, each team would have an official structure and another satellite that, in the case of the first three brands would be covered, the last two should create a new project and, in Borgo Panigale, they should sacrifice one of the two teams that currently have on the grid.

Finally, to maintain the tone of a championship As new regulations have been introduced it has given way to more emotion on the asphalt, the other fundamental basis would affect the technical regulation, specifically, in the aerodynamic section. The intention is to limit the development of the structures to reduce costs and, therefore, continue to promote the equality of a championship that, after a long time, has in each grand prize a new opportunity to see any of its candidates shine on the track.

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