"The monument to the fans was a dream of Ángel Nieto"

Gelete and Pablo, children of the Master, are very happy with the statue that since yesterday pays homage to the entrance of Jerez to the Spanish fans.

Last year, the Circuito de Jerez was renamed Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto, , the same one that since this weekend has incorporated an huge monument in bronze, the work of Mapi Gutiérrez, , which culminates an idea started years ago precisely by the Master. And it is that was Angel Nieto who asked for active and passive that the modern motorcycling cathedral had a gesture in the form of a monument with what he considered the best hobby in the world.

La inauguration of the work, located on a hill the left according to the access to the Andalusian layout, was run by the mayor of the city, Mamen Sánchez, and did not miss the appointment Nieto brothers, Gelete and Pablo, that coincided by saying that "this monument to the fans It was a dream of Angel Nieto. " Surely he also looked proud, from wherever he is, the well-deserved recognition that is made to the fans who fill the stands and prairies of Jerez every year.

Gelete told Ace : "The fans loved my father very much and one day when he was inspired he said that the Spanish fans are the best in the world and should have a monument in Jerez.2 222222 He started to move it and now it has been shaped, which is very exciting. My father did everything he could for the good of motorcycling and this is another example. He has achieved it, and that is because our fans deserve it, because it is always there. Rain or shine, continue to support the Spanish pilots from the stands of Jerez. This monument was a dream of our father and it is already a reality. "

Y Pablo:" My father fought for several years so that Jerez had a monument dedicated to the fans, and that makes us all very happy, because it was a your dream that has come true. It's a pity that it did not arrive before, so that he could have seen it in life too, but I'm happy that things are coming out. I would have liked to share with him this moment and surely he would have said that it was time, but you know how slow these things are and the various steps that must be taken to achieve it. The important thing is that the monument to the hobby is already a reality, which is something my father fought for many years. "

The negative note was the absence of pilots present at the inauguration of the monument, because it was not an act convened by Dorna, promoter of the championship and with whom pilots and teams always collaborate. It became clear that the City of Jerez does not have the same power of convocation, but the important thing is that the monument is left for the remains dedicated to the best hobby in the world, as wanted by the eternal Angel Nieto.

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