Monty Williams signed for the Suns; Tyronn Lue to Lakers?

As reported by Shams Charania, the still assistant of the Sixers has reached an agreement to train in Phoenix; Tyronn Lue becomes the favorite for the Lakers.

The list of candidates to train for the Lakers bench is getting smaller and smaller. Monty Williams, one of the names that had sounded the most to coach the Angelo bench, has reached an agreement with the Suns to be their head coach starting next season. As reported by Shams Charania of ESPN, the still assistant of the Sixers (will be with them until the end of the playoffs) would have agreed a five-year contract with the franchise. In Phoenix have made official the signing of the coach minutes later.

The signing of Williams leaves the Lakers with one less candidate to occupy his bench. Recall that the purple and gold team lives turbulent moments that left them without their President of Operations, Magic Johnson, and or not after without their coach in the last three seasons, Luke Walton. It seems that, at the moment, Los Angeles are not going to look for anyone to replace Magic, but the candidates to occupy the post of coach have been happening in recent weeks and Monty Williams was, until now, one of the favorites to occupy it .

With the signing of the coach by the Suns, this option is immediately discarded. Meanwhile, names like Juwan Howard or Jason Kidd have been losing strength and Tyronn Lue has been nominated as the (almost only) favorite to train the Angels. This has been confirmed by the journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, who minutes after the signing of Williams was confirmed by Phoenix, has said that the current feeling is that the Angelenos move in the direction of Lue, but for now the franchise would not have done no offer.

Lue remember that Lue has past angelino (he was champion in 2000 and in 2001 with the franchise) and that he has trained LeBron James in the Cavaliers (they won the ring in 2016). The biggest argument to see Lue in the purple and gold benches has been precisely the good relationship he has with the eaves. In the environment of the star would welcome the arrival of the coach, and the franchise also like. We will see what happens in the next few hours, but at the moment it seems the only firm candidate with which the Lakers count at this moment.

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