Monkey Burgos: "I would like to be in the tribute to Casillas"

The second Argentine technician participated in the radio program Perros de la Calle. "I know I have to go through River, time will tell."

El Mono Burgos participated in the Argentine radio program Perros de la Calle, which is broadcast by Radio Metro. The second Atletico coach thought about the 'Goalkeeper's Day' in Spain, on May 20, in tribute to the birth of Iker Casillas, a movement that was born thanks to the initiative of the Atlético exporter.

Your proposal has advanced

Lo de Iker It was wonderful. He is still having a hard time, now with his wife's problems (Sara Carbonero was operated on yesterday of a malignant tumor in an ovary), but they will get ahead, surely everything will be fine. You have to pay tribute to people in life. It seemed to me that Iker deserved it for his career, he had left Madrid without a tribute, he has won everything in his club and with the National Team. And these things when you're having a bad time give you encouragement, it happened to me with my cancer where the letters and every show of affection always gives encouragement.

How did you come up with it?

In Argentina it happened a long time ago with Amadeo (the 12th June, date of birth of Amadeo 'Tarzan' Carrizo is the 'day of the archer' in Argentina) I thought it would be interesting if it happened. I called Rubiales and I simply connected them, Iker said he accepted it with affection and in a few days it was done.

Nobody said anything because he was a former Real Madrid player?

I think that when something like this happens, you have to be over the colors. When a 38-year-old boy suffers this and may have to stop playing football, he goes further. I think it's a good idea and who's going to say no? The president of Argentina already said that the homage with Amadeo was little. I went to take pictures of the place where the statue will be and it only takes someone to connect things. With Iker what is also commemorated is his participation with the Spanish team, World champion, of Europe ... and he is going to do an act when the doctor and he believes that everything is fine will happen. I would like to be to give him a hug and are things that remain forever.

What do you think the list of Argentina for the Copa America?

What I like is the possibility of Argentina to be there, Scaloni came to see us and we chatted a lot. I see him with desire, initiative, is Messi ... the boys are young and there is a renewal. It only remains to wait and find the dolls to work.

Se you see training with Simeone to the selection?

Yes of course, it is something natural that is going to be given. What the Cholo says is a reality, you always have time to direct the selection, he is 49 years old and I am 50. What takes you away from the selection is the day to day and until you feel it that way, leave the day to day to select will be, it is not an excuse, it is your present position. As a friend no need to talk.

At some point Gallardo is going to leave River, would you like to replace him?

There is a friend working who I respect and admire all his career. I wish Marcelo the best and I say the same as with the national team, I know that I have to go through River, it is something internal, in the case of the selection with the Cholo. Time will tell you with the needs ... but I know I have to go there, it's my house.

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