Mercedes will break in Canada the barrier of 1,000 CV

Brixworth engineers will debut the second power unit in Montreal. The objective is to extract a higher performance from the energy recovery system.

Sun Tzu said in his book "The Art of War" that the best defense is a good attack. A strategy that Mercedes is finalizing at the Brixworth factory before traveling to Montreal and competing in the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, where they will try achieve its seventh consecutive victory.

Because the silver arrows, in addition to Racing Point and Williams, will premiere in the province of Quebec the second power unit designed for the World Formula 1 2019 that must resist, a priori, until the Grand Prix of Italy 2019.

A propeller, which according to the first information coming from the county of Northamptonshire and which has had access 'Motorsport', will grant 20 horsepower more power thanks to a higher performance of the energy recovery system, figure that will allow the machine designed by Andy Cowell break the barrier of 1,000 horses and stand on the cusp of the 'Great Circo'.

You must remember that Honda was the first manufacturer to present its "Spec 2" . The Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2019 was the scenario chosen by the Japanese to make debut a new engine that solved the problem in the quality control that presented the previous version and increased its power to 972 horses.

Similarly, Ferrari and Renault waited until the Grand Prix of Spain 2019 to counter this advance conceived from Sakura. While the Italians exhibited on the banks of the Besòs River a new power unit with double alloy pistons and a smaller size of the ERS radiator in accordance with a new Shell gasoline to reduce its consumption, the French showed a new thermal engine to facilitate its use for more time at maximum revolutions without compromising reliability.

Power of Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda and Renault in the 2019 World Championship

Mercedes: 1,110 horsepower Ferrari: 990 horsepower Honda: 972 horsepower Renault: 945 horsepower power

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