McLaren: full powers for Seidl, the disaster points to Gil

The new F1 boss, methodical, meets "a technical profile" as Zak Brown explains to As. The Brazilian returns to his original duties.

In recent weeks there were voices, some close to McLaren, which were looking with some suspicion the double role of Gil de Ferran, directing a Formula 1 team while the project of the Indy 500 was launched, which was the one that, He was supposed to coordinate. Without being a great communicator, the Brazilian has managed to convey a message of commitment and effort to all Woking workers and had given the face to calm expectations when Zak Brown celebrated having one of his cars in Q3. The disaster in the oval now points to him, he himself apologized after not qualifying Alonso, but the team had already chosen a new leader to face the coming years and lead the team to fight for victories.

Andreas Seidl, 'main team' since the last grand prize, he is 43 years old and studied mechanical engineering in Munich. He changes the profile with respect to the Brazilian, explains Zak Brown himself to As: "He is a competitor, and in McLaren everything is due to the competition." It is a technical profile, with a deep understanding of all those details of the races, of the car, of the mechanical issues, and also, something as important as those two appreciations, is that he is a great team player. " The CEO of McLaren Racing adds: "I have known Andreas for a few years now, when we started the reconstruction process last year we knew we had to make a series of priority changes, we wanted to find the best possible 'main team' in the paddock. We saw all those qualities. "

The American has advised himself well before choosing Seidl, with a reputation for being methodical since his past in BMW Sauber or his recent success with Porsche in the WEC: " I knew about Andreas before I knew him and Choose someone in such an important position as you should talk to people who have worked with him, who ran against him, who piloted for him ... and all the answers were positive. " And the sources of this medium confirm that personality: close and friendly in personal treatment, but very serious and focused when it comes to talking about careers. It comes with everything and has full powers. The pilots, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, are happy.

"Andreas reports directly to Brown", specifies Woking. Gil de Ferran, whose position in the manufacturer is 'sports director', thus takes a step back in the direction of McLaren F1 and returns to his original duties: be with Zak, advise and coordinate the competition projects. "Andreas has full responsibility for the F1 team and James Key is the technical director, the Indianapolis team is different with Gil's responsibility over that program, although in both cases the McLaren Racing team ends up with me," the boss confirmed. days before the disaster.

What does the new manager say? That he has nothing to say Seidl: "I'm not the one who has to give a speech now. It's important that I take some time to go into the details of how the team works and then start working with the key people to be prepared in the future. to work on a clear plan for the next few years together with Zak, when you look ahead there are great challenges that come, like the new rules (of 2021), and for a team like us I think they should be a great opportunity ".

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