McLaren: Brown passes the restructuring witness to Seidl

The CEO of McLaren Racing closes the personnel changes: "I'm finished". But it leaves the process in German's hands from now on.

It would be difficult to compare the McLaren 2017 and McLaren 2019 structures. Zak Brown, CEO of the competition division of Woking, has signed a restructuring in all areas that has culminated in recent months with the additions of Andreas Seidl as 'main team' , the head of the F1 team, and James Key as technical director. To this are added the previous reinforcements such as Pat Fry, the reinforcement for Andrea Stella and the return to his previous duties of Gil de Ferran, sports director who is in Zak's first counselor and a great support for the Indy program 500.

Now, the North American leader is finalizing the restructuring. "From my point of view, in the leadership, I have finished I have what I wanted and I am very happy to have placed all the people where I thought they should be. There have been changes in all areas. am principal 'with Andreas, with James Key ... I'm finished, "says Zak. Yes, it does not close the door to further changes within the F1 area: "What Andreas (Seidl) considers necessary in the F1 team depends on Andreas, and he will have my full support" .

In this regard, the German engineer who now heads McLaren F1 does not hide that he must be ambitious until the Woking car is fighting for the victories: "It's early yet but I want to understand the organization well, and the 2021 regulations will affect the configuration of the team in the future and it depends on me the restructuring of the F1 team for how we face the coming years. " Because despite the progress of the car, solid fourth in constructors, the goal is still far: "We are missing a second and a half, if we see it in perspective, with the budget we have and the infrastructure we have, we have to do better. That is our mission ".

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