McLaren and Mercedes defend an advantage over the improvements

The Woking have led the middle zone, but Haas, Racing Point and Renault threaten evolutions. And Ferrari and Red Bull bring news.

May nothing change in Barcelona and the evolutions improve equally to all the cars, or none, but the teams expect a 'reset' in Montmeló, especially those who have suffered in this first part of the season. The start of Renault and Ferrari has been disappointing, although for very different reasons, and are two manufacturers with economic means to address a new situation, although in the case of the former have shown symptoms of weakness and poor reliability, and the latter have very difficult to overcome Mercedes.

To start, Binotto announced that the SF90 will already assemble in Spain the second evolution of its engine, that was to enter Canada, "besides several developments in the aerodynamic area". Abiteboul is aware that they are "capable of much more and that the results to Baku have been below the expectations of the team." Meanwhile, another of the strong teams in the middle zone, Haas, promises "many new parts like the front wing, the floor of the car and other smaller ones, including mirrors." It is a significant improvement ", advances Gunther Steiner. Sus cars have been outstanding in one lap but they suffer a lot in the race to score points. And there goes Alfa Romeo, which with Raikkonen has also had a surprising start.

With the threat of Racing Point, former Force India, increasingly linked to Mercedes and with many new features this weekend, the improvements brought by McLaren should allow you to stay ahead of that medium zone that has cost so much to conquer in the first four careers. A lot of aerodynamic news is expected in MCL34 (the engine depends on Renault), which has "a margin of improvement of a second" because in Woking they want to see it in the medium term fighting with the best. A year ago, the results of the papaya car came down from this race, lost the battle of developments and soon had to think about the car of the following year, today. Because getting closer to Red Bull, for now, still seems impossible.

As for the rest, Williams needs more revolutions instead of evolutions. Mercedes continues to strive as if she has not achieved four doubles so far because she looks at Ferrari with some concern. Red Bull, for its part, promises to have solved all its chassis problems for this race and already introduced, together with Toro Rosso, a second specification of the Honda propeller two weeks ago. Everyone promises and waits before trying their improvements on the track. But there is one thing for sure: not everyone can be right.

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