Mayer knocks down Schwartzman

Leo Mayer asserted his advantage after the restart and prevailed in the fourth set to Schwartzman 7-5 after 4-6, 6-3 and 6-4 of the first three rounds. He will play before Mahut.

Leonardo Mayer today closed his victory over Diego Schwartzman by 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 7-5, after the suspension due to lack of light that postponed one day the definition.

"Yacaré", 68º in the ATP Ranking, became strong every time he managed to get his first service and eliminated "Peque" (20º) to advance to the fourth round of the Parisian Grand Slam in 3 hours and 7 minutes.

The "Peque" started better and took away the first set; the Correntino reacted and stayed with the next two; in the fourth, when it was time for the suspension, they were equalized in 3, and it was time to get Schwartzman out. At that time, the rest of the meeting had to be postponed for today, due to lack of natural light.

What happened during the two hours 40 minutes that were played yesterday on court number 6? Of everything. At times dominated Schwartzman, then it was the turn of Mayer, who showed better image at the time of the suspension.

The game started with Schwartzman breaking service to Mayer. However, the "Peque" suffered a moment of trouble when he had to take out because the Correntino had him in check on a couple of occasions. But it went ahead.

From then on Schwartzman had no problem to maintain that advantage for two reasons: Mayer risked and lost because he was very imprecise with his punches, and his second serve was tremendously weak.

The party changed radically from the second set because Mayer found the precision he did not have in the first set; he recovered the serve (he won 82% with the first and 41% with the second), and broke Schwartzman's confidence.

The "Peque" hit uncomfortably and missed more than desired, and the feebleness of his serve got him into problems. Mayer broke it twice, and took the sleeve by 6-3.

Mayer's level did not decrease in the third set. The Correntino kept hitting with confidence, while the power of Schwartzman's shots did not cause damage.

After two Schwartzman's serves (games 1 and 5), Mayer went 4-1, and the set looked on track . However, the "Peque" reacted, and stayed with the service of the Correntino, but did not prevent him from taking the set 6-4.

Mayer was about to give the decisive blow in the third game of the fourth set, when he had concrete chances to stay with the service of Schwartzman to get 2-1, but the "Peque" was successful, and kept it.

In the resumption, the Correntino did not forgive, took advantage of his chances at the time of the definition and agreed to the next round.

Now Mayer will face the French Nicolas Mahut (252nd), who was held from the locality to beat the German Philipp Kohlschreiber (54th) by a blunt 6-3, 6-3 and 6-3.

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