Mavi García grazed the victory against Marianne Vos in Yorkshire

The Spanish launched the group's sprint, but was overtaken by the triple world champion. You also the general and Mavi Garcia finished second and leader of the mountain.

The glory was a few centimeters to Mavi Garcia (Movistar), who made a great display of strength in the second stage (and last) of the Yorkshire Tour, but in the final rus was overtaken by three-time world champion Marianne Vos (CCC) . The Dutch, struggled in a thousand battles, let the Spanish take the pace in the final part and beat her using her wheel. It was brave Mavi, because neither Vos nor the other member of the escape, Soraya Paladin (Ale Cipollini), wanted to take a step forward and she did it when there were 200 meters left for the finish. I had been the most combative all day and it did not change. His reward was the second place in the general and the best in the mountain. An almost perfect day.

The test was crazy from the start. With 132 kilometers and five levels (all short and explosive) nerves were the keynote in the peloton, which went from demarcation in demarcation to try to form a break. It was not until after the first climb, after a neutralization because there was oil on the road, when the current world champion and great dominator until the time of the season, Anna van der Breggen (Boels Dolmans), left alone. The group feared that it was a monologue and soon a first persecuting group was formed. It was numerous at the beginning, but with the passage of the climbs it was decreasing, but the constant was always the same: Mavi García was in the head.

The Movistar cyclist was with legs and on the ascent to the Cote de Ugglebamby (last of the day), after Van der Breggen was neutralized moments before, changed the rhythm. He crowned solo and caused the race to make it clear who was going to fight for the win (the previous day, it had been solved with a massive sprint), because Marianne Vos and Soraya Pladin were the only ones who managed to increase their march and hunt on the descent to Mavi . The three combined well, rolled hard and arrived at Scarborough to play the race. García bet everything, and had to settle for the second place, but the feeling is clear: the triumph will arrive soon in 2019.

Mavi García: "I do not believe it"

"In the absence of 50 km I started throwing He saw me with legs. Really I did not plan to escape, I just started pedaling and when I turned around I saw that nobody was coming. I can not believe it. From there I gave everything of me. I knew that I had done my job, everything that could come from then on would be welcome. Yes there has been an understanding between Marianne Vos, Soraya Paladín and myself, it was convenient for the three of us to coordinate because they had been chasing behind. At the sprint I knew that I measured two runners of the highest level, I decided to start and that was what God wanted. At the end second, but I am very happy, "said the cyclist.

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