Maverick: "It will be a tough weekend because of the weather"

Viñales confidently returns to Le Mans on the scene of his first world championship victory, in 125cc (2011), and the first in MotoGP with the Yamaha, in 2017.

Maverick Viñales returns with confidence to Le Mans, on the scene of his first world championship victory, in the 2011 125cc race, against Terol, and the first in MotoGP with the Yamaha, in 2017.

-Is it still special to come to Le Mans? ?

-It's a circuit that brings me good memories, not only because I won with the Yamaha in 2017, but also because I've done it in other categories. Here I won my first race in the 125cc World Championship. It is a track that I like a lot, whenever I come here I feel comfortable, but I come with the mentality of others. Try to make the most of the weekend.

-Can you repeat the victory of 2017?

-You have to be more cautious. At the moment the goal is to fight to be on the podium, which is the goal with which we start in any GP. Then, if the victory has to come, we will find it, but we have to do a good job over the weekend. It will be a tough weekend because of the weather, but we can do it right.

-It looks like it's going to rain ...

-It's important to be strong in water too. Last year in Valencia we improved a lot, in Austin I felt very good, but here we do not know the grip we will have, but I think we have improved in this aspect.

-Did the Jerez podium give you confidence?

-Yes, Clear. With more confidence and more motivated. But not only me, the team also regained confidence. We made a good start, good first laps, how to put more grip on the tires in the first part of the race and I think it worked very well.

-Did you find anything on Monday in the test?

-Monday was more difficult . We shot in race conditions, we reproduced what we had done in the race trying to find things, but they were not enough, because everybody improves.

-What do you think of what Rins is doing, whom he knows very well?

-Each pilot has his moment. It is important that now continue to push, continue to give the maximum and you can get the performance that is taking the Suzuki on all tracks. To be ahead in MotoGP you have to have a lot of talent and he has it, also the bike is working very well and I think they will be there.

-Is it of the rivals that he is happy that he is doing well?

-At the end here are all rivals ...

-Are you going to pay more attention to what Quartararo does with the Yamaha?

We have to be smart, if there is a Yamaha better than us, we must take advantage of it. But we have to try to always make our way, and then if we are not the first Yamaha, look aside to see where it can be improved.

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