Maverick: "This is a circuit where I can overtake"

"There are many points to do it and I'm accelerating very well and that's the most important thing, so as not to lose the trail of the rivals," he says.

11th Maverick Viñales on the grid of MotoGP in Le Mans. It took bill to go to Q2, as Rossi and Quartararo, with dry tires, because he had to return to the Yamaha box for the water and lost valuable time.

-Has the strategy failed in Q2 when leaving with dry tires?

-It's a mistake that can happen. If it had stopped raining I would have given two or three laps more than my rivals and, surely, the weather would have been very good, but it has not been like that. It is a risk that we have taken and then we have paid quite expensive. Anyway, it serves to learn.

-Is this solution for the race? Especially seeing how the trainings have been ...

-Yes, I think so, the rhythm is there, we have had a great feeling throughout the weekend. Surely tomorrow in the race everything can happen. It is clear that our first objective is to try to be on the podium. We will try to get it right, attack at the beginning, which will be important; if it is in water it will be a little easier to attack at the beginning, but in any case I will try to give the maximum, as always, to be as high as possible.

-Going back so far, what do you prefer, race in the wet with mess or a dry race?

-Well, dry is always safer. At the end we have good pace to go climbing positions and try to close the gap with the first, so I will try both dry and wet come out for all, go to the maximum. It is clear that dry is a quieter race, more controllable than in water, but both in water and dry I have felt very well, in both conditions. The important thing is to climb positions.

-In your opinion, how is this circuit to overtake?

-I've been testing a lot all weekend and, well, I think it's a circuit where I can overtake, I'm accelerating very well and that is the most important thing, to be able to accelerate well and not lose the trail of the rivals. There are many overtaking points, also linked curves, which is where I develop better.

-What points?

-The most typical is the first curve, there you can overtake very well, in six, in seven, also in the eight, in the ten, many, in the last corner ... There are several points, this is a circuit where you can overtake and if we go well, with grip, we will have opportunities.

-In the last one is also You can?

-Yes, in that braking you can overtake with the MotoGP, if you have a good traction you can.

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