Matches, dates and times of the 2019 Conference finals

Two seventh games sealed the Blazers and Bucks tickets for a conference finals that start tomorrow at the Oracle Arena.

After a tremendous day of Sunday with two seventh games, there are already 2019 NBA playoff finals for the conference: Warriors-Blazers in the West and Bucks-Raptors in the East. With respect to last season three and they are not Rockets, Cavaliers or Celtics. In the West, the Blazers have overtaken Thunder and Nuggets and will try to surprise some Warriors who are looking for the threepeat, reinforced by their victory against the Rockets and waiting to recover the injured Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins. In the East, the two best teams of the Regular Season have been able to Celtics and Sixers and will fight to be in a Finals that would be for the Bucks the first since 1974 and for the Raptors, the first in the 24 years of history of the franchise . These are the matches and schedules of the penultimate round in the NBA champion ring match:



Match 1: Warriors-Blazers, Tuesday night 14 to Wednesday 15 (03:00)

Partido 2: Warriors-Blazers, night from Thursday 16 to Friday 17 (03:00)

Partido 3: Blazers-Warriors, night from Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 (03:00 )

Partido 4: Blazers-Warriors, night from Monday 20 to Tuesday 21 (03:00)

Partido 5: Warriors-Blazers, night from Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 (03:00) *

Partido 6: Blazers -Warriors, night from Friday 24 to Saturday 25 (03:00) *

Partido 7: Warriors-Blazers, night from Sunday 26 to Monday 27 (03:00) *

* Should it be necessary



Partido 1: Bucks-Raptors, night from Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 (02:30)

Partido 2: Bucks-Raptors, night from Friday 17 to Saturday 18 (02: 30)

Party 3: Raptors-Bucks, night of Sunday 19 to Monday 20 (01:00)

Party 4: Raptors-Bucks, night of Tuesday 21 to Wednesday 22 (02:30)

Partido 5: Bucks- Raptors, night from Thursday 23 to Friday 24 (02:30) *

Partido 6: Raptors-Bucks, night from Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 (02:30) *

Partido 7: Bucks-Raptors, Monday night 27 to Tuesday 28 (02:30) *

* In case it is necessary

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