Márquez pulled Jerez to overcome the ridiculous Barça

The champion says that "it was a stick" the 4-0 of the Liverpool and that to pass page quickly the video of its last victory was put.

Marc Márquez is one of the many soccer fans in the MotoGP paddock and he confessed culé. He likes to enter the body to body with the Madridistas, with a sense of humor and sportsmanship, depending on the important results. Thus, did not hesitate to take out chest on Thursday of Jerez with the goal of Messi's absence for the 3-0 of Barça against Liverpool, and fitted with a very good roll to ask him how he had the 4-0 of the return that left his team out of the Champions League final. With laughter, he assured that he shot the video of his victory in Jerez to turn the page as quickly as possible.

"It was a stick, like a club, it was a déjà vu, two years in a row ... but, well, in sports you can Look at what happened to me in Austin, when everybody took it for granted, pam, and with three and a half seconds of advantage, . In sports, everything can happen, be it motorcycles or football, and this is the beauty and so there is that intrigue and the adrenaline goes up, "assured the heptacampeón before revealing his method to spend the drink for the historical ridicule of his team: " I thought about the victory of Jerez and it happened to me fast. finished the game, I put the Jerez race. "

This conversation with the Repsol Honda came after the presentation of the new line of technical clothing that Alpinestars has done with him, are his name, his number 93 and his inseparable ant. The sea was happy with the final result: " This collection of Alpinestars is the first that I make of technical clothes and it is important for me, it means that I am growing, that brands help you and also have to have your part of the market. I'm delighted that with this collection you get to the real biker, it's the amateur, who's fine, but also the one who goes with his motorcycle to the circuit and I've given this collection the illusion, I participate in all the designs, whatever it may be, and the last OK I have to give it to me, because they are your logos and your brands and you want it to look good ".

Photos from as.com
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