Márquez, Navarro and Fernández: triplet to end the drought

The Spanish anthem returned to sound 26 races later in Moto2, which did not happen from Japan 2017, precisely with Alex as the protagonist.

Sport in general, and motorcycling in particular, sometimes offers unexplained results. There lies probably its magic, its beauty and its charm. The race of the French GP of Moto2 is proof of that. Álex Márquez, Jorge Navarro and Augusto Fernández have signed a wonderful triplet for Spain. That is something that would not have surprised anyone, but now it was absolutely unexpected by the drought of Spanish victories in the category of 25 consecutive races. That is, after 26 the anthem is played again and it is expected that it will not take so long to do it again. Japan 2017, also with Álex at the top of the podium.

With Le Mans, there are already six Spanish triplets in Moto2. The first was in Indy 2011 (Marc Márquez, Pol and Rabat) and the last one dated from Aragón 2013 (Terol, Rabat and Pol) . The one here has been clear since the first bars, because Marc's brother became leader in the fourth round and no longer let go, being oblivious at all times to the fight after him maintained Navarro and Fernandez, who were already second and third in the previous appointment, in Jerez. Augusto, by the way, debuted at Le Mans and from the fourteenth place, so he will not be able to do next year ...

The party would have been even more complete if Vierge could have held the fourth place he occupied almost until the final, but ended up yielding to the push of Binder. In any case, and coming from where we came, the result is incredible and also lets you dream of title options. Baldassarri, who had won three of the first four races, still leads, but now with less advantage. The pupil of Pons fell in the second round, when he was fifth, and Pasini did it with him when he swallowed his motorcycle. The leader was transferred to the hospital with traumatism in a clavicle and concussion, but out of danger.

La general is now headed by Baldassarri with seven points of advantage over a Luthi that could only be sixth, and that was put in head after the exit. Navarro is third to 11 points and Márquez fourth to 14. All with 14 tests still ahead and with morale through the clouds of the little Márquez. It is clear that it was his day, because he managed the pressure very well, the advantage of two seconds he had once Corsi fell, his main pursuer until the tenth lap. He was able to celebrate his fourth victory in Moto2, the eighth counting the Moto3 and his podium number 30 in the World Championship, as many as his mentor, Emilio Alzamora who celebrated him as if he was the one who was riding the Kalex with Triumph engine of your pilot. They will come more, insurance.

Photos from as.com
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