Márquez's mother: "The gift is to take me to the two whole"

Roser Alentà, after the victory of her son on Mother's Day, also remembers Álex, who fell at the start of Moto2 and no points in the resumption, but unharmed.

Anyone who is a father or mother will perfectly understand the response of Roser Alentà, the mother of the Márquez brothers, to the question that As did to her on the podium, with her son Marc crowned as the winner of the Spanish GP. On the Day of the Mother there could be no better gift for her than the triumph of her eldest child, but what about, there was one even better. "Marc's victory is a plus as a mother, but my gift is that he took me both for the whole house", assured Roser, without forgetting the scare that had taken after the departure of Moto2, with the multiple fall that There had been and in which had been involved Álex.

Fortunately, the little Márquez was unhurt after the accident after swallowing the motorbike of Remy Gardner, who lost consciousness for a few moments, but everything was in several contusions. part in the second exit, but by the hair and coming from the pit lane, where his older brother asked him head and calm.In the end could only be 24 º, but for Roser the most important thing is that it was fine: "With the small I have suffered a lot. What has happened to him has happened to him and he has not been able to avoid the motorcycle that has been found. Luckily he has not hurt himself and calm down for home ".

Y he confessed what he had said to Marc after the victory: " I told Marc what points and knowledge to take it out, that this is very long ".

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