Márquez ... and the others

There are many, if not all, pilots of the World Championship who assume that Catalan is one step ahead of the rest.

There is no more terrifying scenario for an athlete than to feel crushed even before they start competing. The ambition of triumph is the engine of excellence and to think that a rival seems more qualified than oneself represents a problem that is difficult to solve. And I think that is what is happening in MotoGP with Márquez. There are many, if not all, pilots of the World Cup who assume that the Catalan is one step ahead of the rest. At least today, when it is in a state of grace so overwhelming that finishing second has started to be a good result for others. Of course they try, it would be more, but Marc's hegemony is such that admitting it falls more into the category of the obvious than of submission.

I will never say that in a specialty of the engine there is a champion before it is mathematically so. There are so many factors that can influence the outcome and many times in which we have witnessed unimaginable surprises that would not have such audacity. However, think that in normal conditions the title 2019 of MotoGP returns to have undisputed owner. When I refer to that normality I do it, fundamentally, to the absence of injuries. If Márquez is not fall and hurt, today nobody can stand up to him with solvency and consistency in that battle for the number one MotoGP. I understand that this leaves emotion and uncertainty to the contest ... but what are we going to do. In counterpart we can tell that we witness a phenomenon of those who mark time in a sport.

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