Marcelino: "I give an outstanding to the season, if we win the Cup it would be an honor plate"

The technician was pleased with the success and analyzed the season in which they have overcome a lot of problems.

Marcelino spoke on the microphones of Movistar Partidazo:

State of mind: "Very happy. We had the illusion of remaining fourth. The floor and ceiling in the same position in this league, with three positions that are assigned. We made 38 points in the second round. Thankful to the professionals. Whenever you come from a negative current it is difficult to turn it around but they have achieved it ".

Copa Final: " This is a moral blow for the final. Surely we are going to reach the final convinced. We are facing a great rival, against the best player in the world. After all the adversities, we are very happy today and from Tuesday we will think of a great final. "

Afterwards he spoke in the press room:

Two Champions in two years: " I have been fortunate to have two great teams my disposition In the first round we suffered a lot. But this human group that I have to direct has managed to turn the situation around. In the Valladolid match of the first round we were 10 points away from the Champions League. This team has made a temporadón ".

Now what note would you put on the template? :" We always gave priority to LaLiga. Valencia, to grow and settle among the best in Europe, have to repeat Championships. But it is not easy. All the teams that usually play Champions, tend to falter in the league. We, fortunately, have been able to achieve it. This season is outstanding. Only once, in 100 years of history, has he played 61 games in one course. Since January 5, playing three games per week. Classified rooms, 90 minutes from the Europa League final and a final against Barça. If we won it, it would be an honor plate. "

What did Lim tell you ?: " He congratulated us on returning to the Champions League, it is very important ".

Back of the team and Mateu Alemany in January: " It's like that. These have been the two bastions with which we have found the technical staff. The coaches are always in the middle. We have below the players, responsible for everything. And we have the leaders above. The coaches are always the weakest. They have shown me their support in difficult situations, and more in Valencia. Today he said to Dani: "Against Valladolid, at home, you hugged me, today I hug you."

Who did you remember when the referee called the end ?: "From my father , that is not here and can not enjoy it ".

Pressure in the first half hour: " The match cost us a lot. The game cost us a lot. We were imprecise, hesitant, separated, it was not us ... little by little we settled and in the second part we were fine. "

At what moment did you see the worst thing this season ?: " The day of Huesca. But Piccini appeared and gave us joy. We thought it was going to be a change of trend. Then we went to Vitoria to play in a field that should not have been played, with a frozen field at 50%, and we lost. Then we could pick it up. I always had determination because we were always competitive. We had a handicap: the goal. 19 games and 17 goals in favor in the first round. They were descent numbers. If we were not in decline it was because the team was developing other facets well. That was not normal. When we recover the goal, here we are ".

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