Marc deactivates Embiid and Kawhi is shown to match the series

The forward, who finished with 39 points and 14 rebounds, scored a decisive triple with one minute to go. Marc dried Embiid, who finished the game with 11 points.

The playoffs do not understand truces or injuries. Do not understand that equality is solved with a just winner and an unfair vanquished. Unknown to the sensations with which each team arrives at another meeting plus 48 hours after the previous one. But above all, a qualifiers as equal as these are capable of causing players a vital uncertainty: not knowing, still playing at their best, if they will hit or receive a suit that could be decisive.

With this preamble started the game between the Sixers and the Raptors. With a Pascal Siakam, vital in the schemes of Nick Nurse, who was hesitant until the last minute for a contusion in the calf, but ended up playing. And he did it without pain or glory, since he was not in optimal conditions. On the other hand came the Sixers with a tie on track after snatching the factor court to its rival and with dos of its big stars in a huge , highlighting the sensations that Jimmy Butler is giving away. Surely at its best since he landed in the block of Pennsylvania.

But it seems that these reasons were not enough for the Raptors, that came out intense from the beginning and showing better feelings to the end despite the equality on the scoreboard. And finally the duel was decided by two fundamental factors: great defense on Joel Embiid, highlighting the great waste of Marc Gasol; and the unleashed level that showed, and that has been showing in these playoffs, Kawhi Leonard. The forward was multiplied on the track and loaded with his in the most delicate moments to close the clash with 39 points and 14 rebounds (13 of 20 shots in the field) .

And these two reviews were shown by Nurse from the beginning . With Kawhi hitting, Lowry directing and The defense drowning the Cameroonian, the Raptors were able to get an initial income (12-24) that the Sixers knew how to react before closing the first quarter (21-24). At that time began to shine Butler, who ended up being the best of theirs with 29 points and 11 rebounds. And before the break he was joined by Joel Embiid who did almost everything well. Everything but to annotate. The pivot, overwhelmed in the post, was able to distribute play, download to the outside and even put two plugs in a row Ibaka, who surely dream of them. The Sixers improved with him on the track, but their differential factor (the points) hardly appeared. With everything and with that, the clash was even and so came to rest (45-47) .

Until that time Kawhi signed 17 points and 10 rebounds. But he is one of those players that gallons do not weigh . He loads them silently and without flinching a gesture. But above all, it loads them efficiently. The forward began to pull theirs in attack and those attacks responded Harris and Butler, escorted at specific times by the Redick bomber. The clash came even to the decisive quarter (75-75) and Butler and Kawhi maintained their personal duel. They appeared on all sides, from defense to triple. And for several minutes they were the only ones who tried to play the attacks given the amount of inaccuracies on the part of both teams. The tension and nerves distressed some, but not them two.

Finally it was Leonard who scored a decisive triple: 90-94 with 1'01 '' missing for the final. The raptor defense did the same in the next attack of the rival and enjoyed free throws to dominate the match until its end. The B side of this clash was starred by Embiid that closed the evening with 11 points (7 from the staff) and a poor 2 of 7 in shots. Marc Gasol, as in the first game, was largely at fault. He also claimed responsibility in attack after signing his maximum score in these playoffs (16 points and 5 rebounds). Precisely because of the game of Spanish pass many of the chances that the Raptors are in the final. By the time they have equaled the contest, one that would have looked pretty bad if they came to travel to Toronto with 3-1 against. The next assault: the early hours of Wednesday at 2:00.

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