Madrid will sign a champion

Hazard fulminated at Arsenal and gave the second Europa League to Chelsea. It was exhibited with a double and an assist. Madrid wants to close his signing as soon as possible.

Chelsea do not play, win. And he did it again in another final, his third European title of the decade, as well as who does not want the thing and against the most popular current: changing coach and style every two times. Before knowing exactly what Maurizio Sarri wants of his people and maybe as a farewell, he won the Europa League with a spectacular and effective Eden Hazard.

"On the outside, on the outside!" Unai Emery was fed up with shouting at yours during a first discrete part. There was the game. Arsenal based their attacks to take advantage of the space left in the bands because the sides (Emerson and Azpilicueta) had to support their power plants, harassed by the two rival battering rams. That's how the half-chances came: a Xhaka's shot, a long ball for Lacazette that he almost came to, a center from Aubemayang that a teammate almost nodded in. 222222

The Chelsea, who wanted to enter inside, needed the precision in the passes and Hazard to reach the rival area. In the same way that a waiter prepared concentrate a cocktail with juggling included, the Arsenal followed the planned plan. Chelsea was the customer who looks at everything with some skepticism expecting a bad gesture. Tic, tac, Hazard offers a magical tap and occasion of Emerson. Tic, tac again, a Belgian pass leaves five of Arsenal behind and the wall between Jorginho and Giroud needed another strong hand from Cech. The client threatened to touch the waiter's arm at the most inopportune moment and spoil everything.

And right after the break he gave the push that unbalanced him. After a discreet center from the left of Emerson, Giroud's header came licking the post and opened the can. Although he did not celebrate it, it was to do it: his eleventh in fourteen matches in the competition. Before the rival citizen. A moment that changed a European final.

For then the Chelsea had adjusted: Kovavic and Kanté supported the laterals and by band the Arsenal no longer found oil. And now with the result in favor, the most result club locked itself in its area.

At the end of the match, Jorginho stole the ball in a quick exit from Maitland-Niles. Kovacic and Hazard took advantage of the adventure of the right side to attack that band. Mismatches are food for the smart ones. The Belgian took a step back so that the one that always appears in the finals, Pedro, will finish off with the zurda. Then the penalty came to Giroud, innocent again MItland-Niles. The third was from Hazard and also the fourth.

Now after Torreira was replaced and cried on the way to the bench. A living tear. For Uruguayans, you know, a lost final is a small death. He was replaced by Iwobi who caused a foul that ended with a goal from outside the area and gave to discover the personality of the participants. The Arsenal, the day of Veteran Cech's farewell, was innocent. And Chelsea, of Hazard, lethal.

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