Madrid makes self-criticism and negotiates by Brandon Davies

Zalgiris pivot has just been chosen in the best quintet in the Euroleague. The future of Ayón, in the air. The club is committed to stability, but there will be reinforcements.

El Madrid missed the opportunity Friday to sneak into his fifth final in seven years, something that only improved the Varese of the seventies and Ferrándiz's own Madrid of the sixties. But he sank the knee after traveling 14 up in the absence of 14 minutes (in the Cup final against Barca, three months ago, won by 17 to only 11 in the final). Real Madrid players made self-criticism the day after, the first, Llull, perhaps the most indicated next to Ayón, and to which some comments on social networks have annoyed him, for that he appreciated the public support of Doncic and Pau Gasol. "Now we have to take the league, getting just the Super Cup would not be a good year," he said. Meanwhile, the captain, Felipe Reyes, pointed to the future in another way: "I do not think we have to change all the players" .

The Madrid has reached this Final Four at a good point of competitive maturity, with seven players already in the Thirty-four of the base of this magnificent decade with 34 or more: Reyes, Carroll, Rudy and Ayón. The white club, according to a source familiar with the operation, has advanced negotiations to sign Brandon Davies, pivot of 2.08 m and 27 years of Zalgiris, elected in the best quintet in the Euroleague after averaging 14.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2 assists and 17 valuation. Key piece in the last two seasons of Jasikevicius. Your hiring would imply the exit of Ayón, with which initially there has been no renewal agreement. The continuity of Tavares (clause of one million) must be a priority. Reyes follows and Randolph and Thompkins also, except surprise.

In the outside game, Doncic's march and Llull's injuries have reduced the offensive potential. A third baseman is missing, but perhaps a first sword is needed on the perimeter. Micic was the priority, but he thinks his choice is Efes or NBA. A De Colo would like to return to Spain, but Valencia have the right trial and, as it was with Claver, is a hard nut to crack. And the return of Sergio Rodríguez (450,000 euros worth his departure from Moscow) has strong opponents in the entity merengue. The option of Laprovittola is maintained, with which it has been negotiated to arrive already during the season, although it is a lower profile. Laso and the club have a lot of faith in Deck, and Taylor ends the contract and it seems he could renew. Causeur also finished and was the best against CSKA.

El Madrid looks at the market without forgetting its quarry. The pearl Usman Garuba can make the leap to the first team and the forward Mario Nakic could act as a link. Bet for stability, but with reinforcements.

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