Lue will train the Lakers: LeBron, Phil Jackson ...

The official movement is missing but it is an open secret: Lue will meet LeBron in the Lakers, where he was twice champion as a player.

If there was any doubt, it no longer exists: Tyronn Lue will be the next coach of the Lakers and will take command of the franchise in a moment of maximum pressure, after a disastrous season and when it is in play not to waste definitely the tremendous blow of effect that was, less than a year ago, the arrival of LeBron James.

The signing is not official, and there is not even a firm offer from Angelina, but it seems obvious that the mutual interest is total, more after the Suns closed the signing of Monty Williams, another who had met with Jeanie Buss and his controversial team (the Rambis, Rob Pelinka ...). Jason Kidd had his meeting but never a very real interest, and Juwan Howard seemed a third option behind Williams and Lue, which was the most convincing in a meeting that some described as "very emotional" and in which Buss came to mourn analyzing the situation of the team and its aspirations for the future. The Lakers, it's obvious and all parties are aware, they play a lot.

The sources closest to the hard core of the Lakers assure that the signing of Williams by the Suns has not changed the plans, it has only accelerated them: he was already in the pole position a Lue that is in Las Vegas to attend the fight between Canelo and Jacobs and that awaits there events ... and a firm offer. But, if nothing very strange happens, his destiny is to meet again with LeBron James, with which he was champion in 2016, technical and great star of the Cavaliers that traced a 3-1 to the Warriors. In favor of Lue has He is considered better prepared tactically than Williams, his relationship with LeBron and his environment and his willingness to surround himself with a team of top-level collaborators, something that Luke Walton never did, the matter that finally stopped any option that followed in LA

Lue was champion with the shirt of the Lakers (2000, 2001), in the team of Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, and after retiring he served as assistant to Doc Rivers in the Celtics and the Clippers, where he jumped to the Cavaliers, first as David Blatt's assistant and later as the main manager after the dismissal of this one. In two and a half seasons he led the Cavs to three Finals and one title, that much desired of 2016. He connected with LeBron but he was also very demanding with him, something that Blatt could never do, has an excellent reputation in the NBA, and endorse both Rivers and Phil Jackson, who had him as a player and who has advised Jeanie Buss, which was a couple. Also Magic Johnson, who is no longer officially president of operation, advised the owner to opt for the option that has always seemed more obvious and safer. Now, wait until it closes and see what the market holds ...

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