Losing more than winning

He lost Atleti in the friendly that closed the season: ankle injury. Buzaglo made both of Beitar. Grizi the goal rojiblanco, his last, penalty.

The friendly against Beitar soon ceased to be a mere formality to become something very serious. And brown. It read in the gesture of Cholo, unable to swallow. In the serious thing that Godín watched from the bank towards the goal of Nitzan. In the hand of Costa hitting the grass, which covered his eyes, while the other one took it to the ankle, fallen in the area. 45 days after the Camp Nou he returned to play and started, but a stretcher took him in the 26th minute. With the ankle carved by Keltjens, who entered with knife and fork, very hard. On the grass left a couple of spikes and the play of the injury with Morata, how to turn a bad control on a wall. Simeone did not stop biting his nails until the break.

Because of Costa. And because the party in Jerusalem was a metaphor for its season. Without Costa hardly, until there the injuries persecuted him. Without any of those who leave (Juanfran, Godín, Grizi) were titular. Nor those that do not know (Filipe and Rodrigo). A metaphor for the rojiblanco game this year, a drive without specifying. For losing against a rival who has not managed to qualify for the group stage of the Europa League. By how the first Beitar goal came. The band of Arias and its non-existent defense of a lateral center. A year later he still does not know that he plays at Atleti del Cholo. It started regular and ends badly-badly. It was Buzaglo who celebrated it.

While Filipe was the crutch on which Costa leaned to enter the tunnel, Rodrigo jumped into the field. And when Rodrigo touches the ball gives him sense: to handle before, Atleti added chances, although the ball still did not enter. Nitzan made a parade to Morata, very unwise, deciding badly on each counter, and only Vitolo added his brilliance to Rodrigo's. Breaking, looking, tearing off in the playmaker. The party closed 2018-19 but in reality it was a candidate for the next. In the Cholo everything adds up. Vitolo wants.

Candidatures in the midst of an emotional farewell, that of Beitar and his fondness for Benayoun. He played 35 '. Hang the boots leaving an unforgettable goal. That with Liverpool to Madrid. It was after the break, when Griezmann finished with the rojiblanca.

The last one of Griezmann

Y will miss his pause, his being everywhere, his sacrifice, his passes filtered like those with which yesterday he looked for Lemar, he will miss your goal All that that Atleti had lacked in the first part put him on the first ball he touched. Penalty, yes. A hand of Beitar in the area. But how he threw it. To the square, stuck to the pole. Oh, if I had thrown the Milan one like that ... He danced to celebrate. The last time.

Diez minutes lasted 1-1 at Cholo. The ones that took Buzaglo to catch a ball that Rodrigo gave wrong to Saul and for which Saul did not run, go to the counter and beat Adam. He wore a very Grizi ridge 2015 season, when he arrived and we all wanted him. The metaphor of the season and its horrors would last until the end. Players in places that were not theirs, like Thomas, central yesterday, Correa with his racket for nothing and the medical part of each game, of each game, even if it had nothing to do with the others, even if this is the worst.

El Costa who fired yesterday in Jerusalem the season. An end that can compromise a lot that comes , a very expensive friendly. It read in the face of the Cholo from the 26 ', when Costa went with the hand in the ankle to the hospital.

Y with defeat. To forget.

Photos from as.com
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