Lorenzo worsens with Honda his start in Ducati

The Spaniard, who at this point of the season had 30 points with the Italians, has only managed to score 11 at the controls of the RC213V.

Deception, sadness and worry. Jorge Lorenzo only needed three words after the appointment in Jerez to summarize how he has started his journey in the house of the Japanese. The dream of Honda, penultimate opportunity of his sports career, begins to repeat the aspect of a nightmare that accompanied him in his first course next to Ducati and from which it took a year to wake up. "It's hard to return to the same situation I lived a couple of years ago", not being competitive is the worst feeling that a champion can accumulate under the skin and the Balearic fights against old ghosts who were more benevolent in their arrival in Bologna .

The results were not up to the bet they made from Borgo Panigale to return to conquer the World but in Jerez, with its third position, the 99 left in the background a start plagued by problems that are accentuating even more the handlebar of the Honda. The ninth place he achieved in Austin 2017, leaving aside the podium in Spain, was the best outcome of Lorenzo after the first four races of the course and yet, along with the Japanese, that position was not even He managed to reach him in that appointment he could and should have been his lifeline. A sad twelfth and the feeling of not understanding the reason for its poor performance, were the baggage left by the Balearic in the Andalusian layout.

No excuses, the other Honda dominated the table and on the contrary, he was the worst mount of the Japanese in that great prize where he has always been reunited with his best version. Its adaptation to la RC213V, which is possibly the most docile bike on the grid and also with which any champion dreams as Jorge himself did when he knocked on his door, is being a drag with which they want to finish from the top of the team. And in the factory they have already begun to work to solve it. "We have brought several things just for him (in the Jerez tests) He has some points to improve and in others he has already done it, I think he will do well in the next races", assured his president.

Honda trusts he, but there is nobody who does it with more force than the pilot and now, arrives at another of those circuits marked in red on his calendar. With five victories, Lorenzo is the one who wins the most victories of the current grid of the queen class in the legendary French track. Despite the fact that those moments remain with Yamaha where there was nothing and nobody but him and his mount, the glory made, Le Mans "is a good circuit to have a good result" . He needs it. And he will get it: "All those who have followed my path know that I am stubborn and until I reach my goal I do not stop" .

You have a lot of work ahead of you. The results place him as a newcomer in search of his place in the category, Jorge arrives in France rolling in position of 'rookie' with Quartararo ahead of him in the table and Bagnaia, Mir and Oliveira in his wake, but the appearances deceive. It is true that adaptarse to the Honda is being more complicated than the Ducati, "the numbers say it all" and in its first year with the Italians added 30 points after the first four tests by the 11 that accumulates now, but he already He found his hole and he did it very far from that fourteenth position he occupies at the moment. When the fight with the Ducati came to an end Jorge returned to get the best version of the Desmosedici ... and that champion driver who also wait in Honda.

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