Lorenzo: "I lack pure speed with respect to Márquez"

"It would be a suicide to try to go tomorrow like Marc or faster, my goal is to get closer to the level Crutchlow has," says the Mallorcan.

Jorge Lorenzo has won seven times in Mugello and now, with the Honda, still does not see fit to fight again for the victory, what he recognizes with sincerity. Your objective is another. And he explains it from the paddock of the Italian circuit. -Mugello already came to the rescue for you in 2006 and 2018, when he arrived in critical situations. Can this talisman circuit help you now and how do you compare your current moment with those of the 250cc and last year with the Ducati? -Well, in 2006, at the level of adaptation to riding, I was on the same level as Dovizioso and De Angelis, my rivals in that time, and last year with the Ducati could lead between 7 and 13, laps but then there was an ergonomic and physical problem that made me lose performance and I passed many pilots. Right now, at pure speed level I'm worse than last year and I still have some problem of not being completely comfortable on the bike. I have two problems, not only of not being comfortable on the bike but I also lack pure speed with respect to Márquez. By that I mean that my goal now is not to try to match Marquez. Yes it is trying to know his style of driving that has led him to go very fast after seven years. My goal now is not that since it would be a suicide to try tomorrow to go like him or faster. My goal as now is to go closer to better positions than I have done, for example, getting closer to the level that has Cal (Cruchtlow), who carries my same bike and that after five years is something realistic that I frame for this moment . For that I have to improve mainly the entry in curve and my way to brake, stop the brakes, reduce. It is quite opposite to the way and style to which I had become accustomed with the Ducati.

-He said that in Ducati it was hard to look back and that now Honda is even worse. Why?

-Because I've gone back to the same process that I carried out in Ducati starting from scratch. As you remember, the first year at Ducati I had a hard time finishing close to the winner, more or less as now, and at the end of the first year season I started to finish closer and make some podiums. Then we had that new ergonomics problem until we solved it and, although I led some laps, I could not finish finishing in the race and now I start again this process that has become much more complicated with the preseason injuries and those that dragged the year past. That lasted six or seven months. And not having those five days of testing that we do not have as of this year, private tests that did have, for example, when before this race we went to Montmeló and in those trainings I improved a lot to get here, to Mugello, with more force. At the moment we do not have it and nowadays in MotoGP when one changes from one motorcycle to another, if it is not a Yamaha, which I have always said is a much friendlier motorcycle for the driver, you have to completely change your driving to reach pilots who have been with that bike for many years. They have many years of advantage, that is why it is costing me a lot and other riders who have changed brand is also costing them so much.

-Is your reflection in this sense is that the main thing is to improve your entry in curve?

-Yes , indeed, the bike is what it is and it has to be that way because there is a driver who is winning and it would be stupid to change the bike completely. The bike is what it is and with that bike you have to do things different from the ones you were used to in the last two years, things that you did and now it's useless to do it. You have to do it in very different ways, which is what I am now. Today we have understood it quite clearly, we will see if tomorrow we can put it into practice in the circuit.

-Physically how is it?

-Physically better, with small sequels of those injuries but to drive are very small and physically I'm fine.

-Honda's engine has improved. What do you think of this engine?

-As for top speed we are very even. If you have a good top speed it goes pretty much in parallel with the acceleration, normally. I think that because of the traction or because it has a little more acceleration the Ducati is a little bit still a little over, less than last year, but I do not know if it is by traction, by the rear tire or engine acceleration. Honda has taken an important step forward and allows Marc to achieve more victories, go a little more relaxed and manage races better. And they have also improved the front tire, which now you can go with softer tires, which could not go the Honda riders years ago. We have some strengths that others do not have, such as the entry into the curve and the time to stop the brakes because our motIt is more agile, although we lose a bit in the traction and acceleration with respect to the Ducati. With the passage through the curve, for example, with respect to the Yamaha and the Suzuki, we won at the entrance in the curve, but we must know how to take advantage of those strong points and that is what Márquez does exceptionally and not so much the others.

- Is that perhaps the reason why it falls more or because it is about to fall more times?

-It is possible that in the last seven years that Marc has been in MotoGP the bike has influenced the number of falls he has had , but it is also true that Marc has risked a lot in all those years. It is his way of facing the races, the competition, even his life and in general in everything. I believe that the two things have come together. The bike has improved the front end not only for him but for all the riders and that's why it's a little easier in that sense and allows you to use softer tires, but still, perhaps, one of the weak points that the motorcycle could have it's that sensitivity or fragility when it comes to feeling the front tire.

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