Lorenzo: "We are closer to the fastest"

"For the first time we have been ahead of Nakagami, who has already known the bike for two years, and not far from Crutchlow, who has five," he said after finishing 11th.

Jorge Lorenzo finished eleventh the GP of France MotoGP and wanted to see the positive side of another Sunday of racing in which he could not finish again among the top ten with the Honda.

-What happened?

-Evidently not I'm here to celebrate something important, even if I made the best position of the season, 11th, but the important thing is that we are closer to the fastest. Maybe in Qatar I ended up closer, but the race was slower. Here we have been closer in the fastest lap, 7 tenths, for the first time we have been ahead of Nakagami, who has known the bike for two years, and not far from Crutchlow, who has been five years. And in the first laps we have shown our heads and we have not been far. We need time, it's going to be a long and difficult goal, but you're seeing the progression.

-What makes you so optimistic?

-I'm not going to have a party because it's still a bad position, it does not reflect or My record and the history of the brand that I represent, but you have to understand the situation that I've had in the preseason and understand what bike I'm riding. The Yamaha is a bike friendly for the drivers who start in the category, the Honda has always been a special and difficult bike. Taking away the result, this weekend I fought with riders in front like Morbidelli or the Ducati and at the end of the race I had a rhythm similar to Rins. And in the previous races I could not measure myself. I repeat, it is a difficult motorcycle and it is the opposite of the Ducati. You have to open up a lot, start tipping before and much in the curve. We are making progress in pieces of ergonomics and I get more and more profit, but it is a long process.

-What have you learned in this GP?

-That to be at the level of Marc you have to drive the bike like him. He takes a lot of advantage in the confidence he has entering the curve, he takes advantage of the track, starts to lean very quickly, Supermotard type and gets into the apex of the curve, and I have to approach that style. The bike gives me a little confidence and ergonomically I'm more comfortable, but in that section I'm far away. I'm taking steps forward but it's not easy because Marc has a 7-year experience with this motorcycle.

-Is a specific race goal to be in front of you?

-The secret is to be closer to the winner. In fast lap and in race distance I have been closer than ever and on the grid, too. I have poked my head in the first laps, fighting with riders ahead. Before I fought with Zarco, with Oliveira, with Aleix, Iannone ... is different.

-How about the fight with Quartararo?

-It was not pretty because I was a second faster than me and we spent a couple of times because it's gone long. But it was not a battle of equal to equal.

Photos from as.com
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