Lorenzo: "I already warned Honda that it would be a long challenge"

The Mallorcan affirms that it will be very difficult to reach the level of Marc Márquez, but he trusts to be able to achieve it: "I will try to win with all my strength".

13º in Qatar, 12th in Argentina, retired due to damage in Texas, 12th in Jerez and 11th in Le Mans for a 16-point calculation. It is not easy to adapt Jorge Lorenzo to the Honda RC213V, a situation that has caused the Golden wing team to begin to assess the possibility of getting off the bike in 2020 if it does not improve their results.

Questioned by evolution He is doing race after race with the Japanese technicians to try to find the ergonomics ideal, the Mallorcan says that he warned that it would be a long challenge because the characteristics of the bike do not adapt to his natural style of riding.

"When I spoke with Honda and I told them that it would be a long challenge because the Honda is not a bike that suits my natural style of riding, I have suffered injuries and I could not be in the Sepang tests and that made it difficult for me to keep up with the best I have to face this momento with patience and know that every little progress will be a victoria because will bring me closer to the best. When that happens we will see things from another perspective. I have a two-year contract. I hope to progress with the experience that I accumulate with the Honda. That will increase my motivation and that of the team. So we can aspire to great results in the future, "said the three-time MotoGP.

Similarly, Jorge Lorenzo described in Marc Gárquez as a very strong pilot physically without fear of falling, characteristics that place him at his discretion as one of the two or three most important riders in the history of motorcycling: "I face a difficult challenge. I usually like challenges, but only when I manage to overcome them (laughs). Valentino is the most similar to me from a technical point of view, it is precise and constant. Andrea is a confident, intelligent and great driver, and he makes few mistakes, but technically we have little in common. And Marc is another world: he is aggressive, he has great physical strength, he is very fast and he is not afraid to fall. On Yamaha I fought against Rossi many times. We had a similar level. At Ducati it cost me. But last year if I did not get injured I would have been very close to Dovi. And now with Marc is the most difficult challenge. Márquez is 26 years old, he is very strong physically and has seven years of experience in the Repsol Honda. Surely, Marc is one of the two or three great talents in the history of motorcycling. It will be very difficult to reach its level, but I think that with time I will be able to do it. I will try to win with all my strength ".

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