Lopez wins the game against Marc Gasol and the Bucks put the 1-0

The Bucks were in tow for much of this first duel, but Bledsoe and Lopez picked him up. They survived a lofty Lowry.

The Bucks are still scared. Not even in a really irregular match in the shot, his great trick, with an Antetokounmpo with problems to link force actions, with some Raptors in front where Kawhi Leonard was not an island, having to be more than half a game behind on the scoreboard. .. Ni for those there is still a glimmer of weakness in the team led by Mike Budenholzer.

Millwaukee opened the series with an important victory, they themselves highlighted in the previous, against Toronto. The Fiserv Forum witnessed a competitive match that met expectations and gives an idea of how hard this conference series can be fought. The locals won by 108-100 and scored the initial goal.

The Raptors had started just opposite of what was expected, more pulling everything they had without a word that holding to finish well. That ended up taking their toll. The first few bars reminded the Warriors that a day earlier they had left their most personal seal at the opening of the opposite final, that of the West. The triples flew and the Bucks were gripped. Budenholzer had the good idea to remove Mirotic and put Ilyasova, and it was the shots of Lopez and the Turk that saved him the ballot . If they had not put the cap there, Toronto would have left. They remained almost three quarters in the range of ten points ahead of Canada, handled the times very well.

The penalty for the visiting team here was that they fought against themselves, not against the rival . They came to compete two days earlier in a determined duel on the horn and the Bucks had a week of rest. It was a matter of time that they fell, but it was still to be seen if Milwaukee was going to be able to finish the job or it was going to be the time that prevented it. The best physical condition and the contribution of the bench, especially Malcolm Brogdon, when you saw that that could be the point in favor of the Raptors, left the Wisconsin at the gates of Olympus.

Kawhi Leonard wanted to repeat what he He made the Sixers, annihilate them slowly. It was the living image of the physical downturn that came to his team. The 13 points of the third quarter were the positive exception despite the fact that he finished with 31, very make-up. The one who was really good was Kyle Lowry, he has not been seen like that in the playoffs ever: 7/9 from the line of triples, knife for butter, finishing with 30 points.

Mirotic, very gray at first, he found his place at the peak of the buck comeback. Between him and Bledsoe they had taken over a plot of land that they worried about filling up with points when the team asked for it. The Bucks were put up quickly, but a 2-12 partial with the best Lowry made the game go to the last three minutes with everything to decide. Y Brook Lopez exploded: mate in the face of the rival, triplazo and a celebration that said a lot, he saw with confidence even to dominate in an area that every year that passes less steps. Lopez beat Marc Gasol, who signed the second worst offensive ratio of his career in the postseason and was surprised by a weapon that is not as colorful as Embiid but which should now pay more attention (like Ibaka, also lazy).

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