Lim will make an effort for a '9' if they get into the Champions

The owner met with the dome che; Mariano likes in the club. The classification or not for the maximum competition will condition the planning.

Peter Lim called his managers to chapter in Valencia. For the Hotel Las Arenas they passed Anil Murthy, Sean Bai, Kim Koh, Mateu Alemany and Pablo Longoria. The already traditional conclave of May served to continue polishing the project, which they hope will be again of Champions.

The classification or not for the maximum competition will condition the planning, mainly in two areas: of departures and the front profile to incorporate.

El Valencia maintains as a philosophy the sale of footballers. You need it to balance your budget and assume it as a formula to maintain your Fair Play. But obviously with Champions the revenues are higher and the urgencies are lower.

The idea is to maintain the block and in January, incorporations were already made (Sobrino, Vallejo, Jorge Sáenz or Jason). The signings to be made now will be conditioned by the departures, a exception of a right side, a striker and the situation of Cheryshev and Jony, that if the Russian remained and the Asturian was signed, he would relocate Guedes to the point.

Lim, Alemany, Longoria and Marcelino agree that the lack of definition left the team at the beginning. It was wrong with the bet for Batshuayi and if they qualify for the Champions an effort will be made when entering a '9'. Mariano, whom Zidane would accept to transfer, meets the profile and likes in Valencia, who is aware of their situation.

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