Lillard will sign a contract extension of ... 191 million !!

According to Chris Haynes (Yahoo Sports), the Blazers and the base hope to sign a super maximum extension soon that would leave him as the highest paid player in the league.

Portland Trail Blazers player Damian Lillard could become the highest paid player in the NBA. So Chris Haynes told Yahoo Sports, which explained that the Oregon franchise was in negotiations with the forward to offer him a super extension of contract in which he would receive 191 million in four years.

According to the journalist, this amount would be effective if the base manages to enter one of the best quintets of the season, something more than likely after the nearly 26 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists that averaged this season, numbers that rise in the playoffs, where I reach 27 points for duel. Lillard was in the Best Quintet of the season last year and also managed to sneak into the second best team in 2016 and the third in 2014.

If the news is finally confirmed, the franchise player of the Blazers would become the professional that more millions annually has signed in the history of the League. The star would charge just over 45 million per season and would surpass men like Russell Westbrrok (205, but in five years) or John Wall (207 also in five) .

Now, Lillard has two more years of contract and is missing receive 62 million, 31 per campaign. The new agreement would be effective therefore from 2021, and with it, the All Star would remain linked to the Blazers until he turned 34. Recall that the salary limit of the League increases every year (more for Designated Veteran Extension players), so in theory the amounts that players will receive will be increasing in maximum extensions, and these contracts will cause professionals to be charged more and more money.

One of the best players in the NBA?

The base, which this year has returned to a fantastic season, has become one of the best in the league. While in the past people criticized that it was undervalued, in recent times the star is seeing how his game is rewarded in different ways, and this possible contract is a reward for the work done in recent years.

Lillard has established itself as the Oregon team franchise player. If it is not at the level of other greats like Curry, Durant, LeBron or Harden, its regularity in the last campaigns, together with its work ethic, has allowed it to be considered part of the NBA elite and a hero for the city from Portland.

Remember that with a triple winner of his, the Blazers went to the conference semifinals in 2014 for the first time since 2000. In these playoffs he led the team to the finals of the West, something that did not happen precisely from that very moment year. He has done it with a new triple winner in the first round that eliminated the Thunder in a series in which he averaged 33 points and 6 assists per game. In the semifinals he went up to 25 + 5 + 6, and he knew not to take the seventh game against the Nuggets to distribute the ball well and that his team advanced to the penultimate round of the fight for the title. Although it lowered its statistics before the Warriors, it took the praises of players like Draymond Green in a series in which we remember, it played injured.

With this news, the Blazers seek to keep tying the nucleus of the staff and the bench. If recently we knew the news of the renewal of Terry Stotts, now we see how the franchise wants to extend the contract of its best player and continue to build a project that is beginning to bear fruit despite having a more limited market than other sets of the league. At the moment what is clear is that Lillard is the present and the future of the team.

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