Levante relieves an absent Celta in San Mamés

Double Raul Garcia in two minutes to continue looking at the sixth place in the Athletic and painful attitude of the Olivists, almost saved by the defeat of Girona.

In the last two days all the teams get the best out of their repertoire, whether it's football, those that have it, or intensity, which at this point everyone is supposed to be wearing. For no. The Athletic went to Europe in their last home match with the impetus of a hungry wolf. And the Celta, with the transistor in his ear expecting favors from the Levant in Girona that arrived or perhaps leaving the duties for the last day before the Rayo, appeared absent. It is not understood what this team thought lax, inconsistent in all the parcels and little fluid. Athletic dazzled by faith and desire in two minutes. Raúl García signed a double that sent the team of Escribá to the canvas. As adding to the evening of tributes in Bilbao, this did not say a peep of start or dessert, they melted him at pleasure.

What football has. Part of the stand was going to pay tribute to Susaeta in the 14th minute, by his bib, and was blessedly prevented from playing a that started Muniain and braided with Capa and Williams, this beautiful heel leaving so that Iker himself was about to make a goal Araújo, his late, he was very crazy and committed a penalty. Raul Garcia launched it, which was caught after marking the network as a beast. Well, dos minutes later a play related to that, with Muniain entangling between the enemy lines, served to give the pass of the death and Raul riveted the double. Celta was pure contemplation in its own area. It was a match for strikers, not defenses. In fact, the Olivists previously warned in two free throws with two traced actions, patented by Brais and Boudebouz, with a feint and a measured pass for the header of Maxi. One of them ended up in the net, but it was canceled by clear offside.

The change of pieces in the bands of Garitano shortly after began gave result. Ibai was accommodated to the left flank and Muniain was a nightmare starting from the right and generating superiority inside, before an Olaza who passed a calvary. A compromised cession of the celestial side came to Ruben, who under the pressure of Willams struck pitiful and was the protagonist of the silly move of the year. The touch gave in Iñaki, went to the goal and riveted it without being caught or a While in Girona came news that cut the breath of Balaidos (goal of the team of Eusebio and then comeback from Levante ...) Escribá issued a signal that they decided to play the whole game for the permanence to the last card, on Saturday comes. He pulled out Maxi and put Bufal in, while everyone was still waiting for the appearance of the magician Aspas. There was a non-aggression pact, although he still scored another Williams goal, annulled by VAR for Capa's previous offside game. The final certified that the eternal course for both teams has opposite paths. For the Celta, without a minimum attack of pride, the agony of the permanence is nearing its end with the virtual tranquility sealed thanks to the Levante (only a carambola of 7 goals of the averaje would dismount him from Primera). The favor of others prevented him from continuing with another very latose week. While the Granotas unleashed their relief, the Vigo scored the goal of honor with a penalty converted by Aspas. And Athletic has stopped to the illusion of the sixth place. If he wins in the Sánchez Pizjuán, he will be his. But if he loses and wins one at Espanyol-Real Sociedad, he will stay for the second year in a row without a prize.

Garitano: "Aduriz knows for a long time that we want him to continue"

The Athletic Club coach, Gaizka Garitano, was optimistic about the possible continuity of Aritz Aduriz next season and, in addition to stressing that "would like to continue" in the team, he believes that they will "convince" him to make the decision to extend his career one more season.

"Aduriz has known for a long time that we want him to continue, but he had the injury and we have left in his hand to see how he is physically." 222222 "We are trying to convince him to continue and I think we are going to get it" , said the technician. team rojiblanco, after the victory against Celta.

Aduriz is a football player that "can still give" to Athletic in u na position, that of the center forward, in which "we are not too left over" , added.

"I see him well. He would give us a hand in all aspects because he can aport at the field and costume level. I think we're going to convince him ", said the Biscayan, after admitting the" bad body "that left her farewell to Susaeta, Iturraspe and Rico in their last game at San Mamés.

333333 "You're a little short, they're very dear people in the locker room and three kids out of 10. Humanly they are very important losses because are players with whom you feel very identified by their way of ser.There are three phenomena" , said .

Garitano, on the other hand, advanced the intention of Athletic "go a ganar" next Saturday to Sanchez Pizjuán to certify a European ticket that could be direct if he defeats Sevilla in his field, thanks to the sixth place, or with previous in case of achieving a tie that would assure him the seventh position.

"We have to take another little step, to see if we can, it is the last day and we depend on us, although we will have a rival who plays a lot. a final on Saturday and we're not going to give anything away, we want to put that cherry on because the players and the fans deserve it ", r Eflexionó.

Write: "It is not done, but we have it very close"

Celta's coach, Fran Escribá, was "disappointed" by the loss conceded in San Mamés against Athletic (3-1), although he admitted that victory the Levante in the field of Girona leaves the permanence "very close" thanks to their difference of goals with the Catalan team.

"It is not done, but we have it close. The goal score saves us, but what really saves us is winning Rayo on Saturday. We want to get another victory at home, reach the 43 points and enjoy it with our people ", said the coach of the celeste team.

Escribá also revealed that, despite having achieved that virtual salvation, in the dressing room of Celta in San Mamés "There has not been any expression of euphoria" because, it affected, "it is not done" .

"Our only idea is to win the Lightning without calculating numbers because it would be a huge mistake. Our rhythm at home in recent games has been extraordinary and our only idea should be to win from minute one ", said


Sobre against Athletic the Valencian coach pointed out that Celtic " did not go wrong " in the clash, but "fit two goals in tan short time" les "hurt" and with the 3-0 marked by Williams shortly before the break "the match is over" .

"From there We thought more about managing people with cards and that there were no injuries for the last game. It is true that in certain disputes the team was not well, but receiving two goals in shortly damages anyone ", admitted.

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