Levante grabs Primera and leaves Rayo almost in Second

Goleada of the granotas that caress the permanence. They lack a point, the same one that can send the ones of Jémez to Second is same night if it adds the Celtic one.

Rayo is left without air that hardly have left and forces to expire the last breath in First. It could be few hours. Calculator in hand, the vital signs are still maintained. But without too much hope. All the contrary that in Orriols where the Levant celebrated a salvation that caresses with both hands. Mathematics prevent him from celebrating yet but the Granotas would be worth it with just one more point. Or even that.


Rayo had little choice. Little option gave the Levante. From the beginning, the granotas came out to bite. They smelled the blood. And they quickly found easy prey. Morales sniffed, Mayoral missed an unforgivable and At the second attempt appeared Campaña from behind to clinch a free ball from Toño that Ba failed to clear. Not even ten minutes had passed. And even in the best dreams, a better scenario was not drawn for Orriols.


Immediately, Paco (Jémez) moved the file. They will measure to heat. Nothing prepared during the week was worth it. Those of the other Paco (López) were like a child with new shoes. Defending comfortable and all the field of Rayo to run. It will arrive. Morales had it. Also RDT, well Aitor. And at half an hour the Commander galloped until Embarba caught him. Within the area. But he himself sought the glory that, this time, was for Alberto. He guessed the intention. And Medrán to the field.

It seemed clear that beyond the footballing the battle was in the head. Manage nerves Hold the pressure. That was a lot. And there the azulgrana, with everything in favor, became strong. It was necessary to release the arm and a winning blow. Vezo gave it up to the heights and touching the sky. 2-0. Half goal, from Campaña.

El Rayo was 45 minutes from Segunda División. Jémez took out what little he had left. Javi Guerra on track. The script did not vary slightly. The ball was Vallecano but Aitor did not suffer either. Much guilt was behind him, 200%. Quasi insurmountable. Because in the only azulgrana dismissal Alvaro slipped into the area to cut distances. The Madrilenians clung to life with all their strength and still had their 'extraball' but it was not the day. Nor Mayoral, who had the third but was stamped with the stringer.

For the end was the exchange of punches. In desperation the Ray. And in four minutes, radical turn. What it took Jason to sentence the franjirrojos after the expulsion of Embarba. And Jémez with nine and a half on the field due to Gálvez's injury that was already a forward. Bardhi put the cherry, VAR by , closing a win that leaves the Levante with a foot and a half in the first and those of Vallecas waiting and extreme unction.

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