Lefevere: "The disqualification of Viviani is laughable"

The boss of the Deceuninck criticized the decision of the commissaries of the Giro to dispossess the victory to the Italian champion in favor of Gaviria.

Pat Lefevere, the boss of the Deceuninck, showed his dissatisfaction with the disqualification of Elia Viviani in the most graphic way possible, with a sarcastic laugh and a very blunt comment: "The decision of the judges is laughable" . The Italian champion was left without his sixth victory and did not want to offer statements to the media. He wandered back and forth from Orbetello's goal to talk to the curators and claim the success that he believed belonged to him. Even insulted the technical jury, which cost him a financial penalty and 50 points of the maglia ciclamino.

The resolution was firm as soon as the recorded images were reviewed: Viviani modified his career in the sprint and endangered Moschetti (author of the claim along with the Trek), which he touched and prevented him from tracing. Fernando Gaviria inherited the triumph, his fifth in the Giro, but he did not celebrate it at the podium ceremony or in his words with the media: " It's not about the way one pretends to win races, apart from the immense respect that I hold for Viviani, the true worthy one. "

Photos from as.com
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